Scotland v Afghanistan| 1st ODI | Ayr | 16/08/10

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Sir john

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Feb 12, 2010
hope afghan win this match,

hamid looks a good bowler

The weather looks OK, with some high clouds, but nothing that will affect the game today.
The captains are in the middle for the toss, Gordon Drummond in the light blue of Scotland and Nawroz Mangal in the dark blue of Afghanistan
Come on Afghanis i know u can do it. I hope they put Khaliqdad instead of mirwais ashraf.
Khaliqdad performed good but he dint play in the first class. Mirwais asfraf has poor bowling.
omg see afghanistan has done it again. Khaliqdad deserves to be in the team. Ashraf not a very good bowler.
Scotland 224/9 (50.0 ov)

so a respectable target to afghan at last posted by scottish
Afghanis failed to finish off the tail and now will be in for a tricky chase.
Well done...

I see this team giving the big boys a run for their money - I do not say this just coz of these results but due to the dedication these boys show on the field. They respect the game and give it their all unlike our superstars.

Lanaat to Ijazz Butt for not accommodating an Afghan tour to Pakistan or maybe he was smart knowing that they might upset our team and put pressure on his position.

Regardless, congrats to the Afghan Boys!!!
hes a damn good batsman...these kids have grown up in pakistan and conveniantly have slipped under paks radar but am happy they are representing their true seen hameed and younis dont get much respect from our board

LOL at his age 19..:)))

He must be like 30 or something..
LOOOL :)))
An exciting team, Afghanistan. Along with Ireland, it can be a great addition to the mainstream cricketing nations.
afghainstan's players are all indeed about 5-6 years older than their official ages
afghainstan's players are all indeed about 5-6 years older than their official ages

I think you are very much right! At least 6-7 players looks 4-5 years older then official age...

That Shehzad guy looks between 24-26... but impressive stats he has. I am sure he will at least average half of his average if not more in Pak first class cricket... 93+ in 10 innings is impressive althought its against the associate teams... 59+ in odi after 11 matches is impressive as well, with 3 fifties and 3 centuries.

Well Played Afg. but honestly I doubt they would be able to give much compitition to Pak or the Other test teams...
What a great story - should be made into a hollywood blockbuster.
Shows that people can overcome whatever hardships they incur with sheer dedication and hard work. The Akmals and Farhat, amongst others should take heed.
i laso think all fghan are much older than the ages which they shown,
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