Scotland vs Pakistan | 1st ODI | Edinburgh | 5/17/13 | Pak Innings

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Jan 29, 2005
Match begins in about 20 mins, toss news should be coming shortly.
No - the match is not being televised, so please do not waste time asking for online streaming links etc.

This is really sad that the match is not being televised :(
Pitch and weather looking good. Anything less than 300 would be a major disappointment.
isnt ptv sports televising it.. pakistan have such a huge national base in UK still cudn televise the match is seriously very shameful... very sad that they r not televising....
Pakistan batting first.

No TV coverage, doesn't appear to be any radio commentary either.
Asad ali and rehman Miss out the team for Pakistan
Hopefully eshan adil make in playing Xi :)
Saw this on Cricinfo: Drummond and Coleman sit out for Scotland, while Asad Ali and Rehman miss the team for Pakistan.

Is this 13 a side game?
Pakistan aren't taken this warm-up game too lightly either, and have brought some of the big guns along. Experienced captain Misbah-ul-Haq, superstar keeper Karman Akmal and all 7 feet 1 inches of Mohammad Irfan are included in the squad.
What has the commie been smoking :))
Jamshed,Farhat,Hafeez,Misbah,Asad,Amin,Kamran,Ajmal,Junaid,Adil, and Irfan are playing.
Jamshed vs Farhat.
The one who does better in the next 4 games will probably be opening in the CT.
13 a side so pretty much everyone will play. Only Asad Ali misses out. Hopefully he gets a game in the next match. Rehman doesn't really need to play these matches as he's experienced and has played a lot in England before.
i get the feeling farhat will score big.... amazingly the last time we played it was during hoffman and blains time. in 2006 ryan watson scored 80 but pakistan still won by 5 wickets due to the magic of razzaq and yousaf
Pakistan XI: Jamshed, Farhat, Hafeez, Misbah, Asad Shafiq, Umer Amin, K. Akmal, Ajmal, Junaid, Irfan, Ehsan Adil
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Well Hafeez has moved down it seems. Might have been better to stick with left right combination and got Kamran in (if he can't buy a run down the order).
Startling the records of our openers:
Farhat 54 Matches, 1666 Runs, Highest score 107, Average of 32.66
Jamshed 26 Matches, 1005 Runs , Highest score 112 ,Average of 45.68
Jamshed nearly catching up to Farhat in terms of runs!
Hafeez moving down to 3 is welcoming. I hope it's not just temporary to see who will perform better out of Farhat and Jamshed.
Well done Cricinfo, it's only taken 20 minutes of the match starting and you've ruined the game.
Hafeez not opening does that mean he has decided to bat in the middle order?
Finally.... 23 off 5 overs no wickets.

Cricinfo have gone on hunger strike it seems.
Wth ........... No live pictures.... Dont know which jersey they wore...really irritating..........
This start is just papering over the cracks.Farhat will be a lame duck in Ct against quality attacks as he plays with an angled bat hence his high ratio of streaky edges!
:))) Kamran's 158th! Surely there can't have been that many shirt numbers still in use when he went and chose one?

It's his highest test score.

Gayle uses 333 these days and Murali 800 in the IPL I think so Kami probably thought why not? :kami
Very important our top 4 batsmen score runs in these games v Scotland and ireland and get use to the conditions. good solid start so far,
Jamshed gone. A bit of pressure may form if Farhat outscores him considerably in these matches. For now though, he still has at least 3/4 more chances to make a big score.
I think this is the best batting line up with the options available!Amin should be at 6 with Kamran batting below him to provide fireworks at the end!
Farhat will definently start the first CT game after today and his 90+ in SA
I think this is the best batting line up with the options available!Amin should be at 6 with Kamran batting below him to provide fireworks at the end!

:kami can't get past 5 these days batting down the order.
Jamsheds loss of form over recent times is a worry, but we need to persist with him a while longer.
Farhats main problem is his concentration otherwise he would score big runs all the time if he showed more hunger and desire.
good batting lineup, pressure on jamshed now. Hope they show faith in him and just play this lineup throughout.
I hope Umar Amin does well as we need a seam bowling allrounder instead of Malik!
Hafeez is the best at flicking off his legs but then again he is susceptible to the inswinger as Steyn ooften did to him!He is too square on!
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