South Africa v India | 2nd Test | Durban | 26-30 Dec 2010

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Oct 7, 2010
I posted this because on reading the first line of the article i got a laugh.We are gone if we don't adjust

Pitch and conditions

This is perhaps the greenest track this Indian team might have ever played on. MS Dhoni reckons that Vadodara's IPCL track in his first year of first-class cricket was greener. It is thick grass with deep roots, but it's not just the greenness. Under the grass there is a crack around the good length area, just outside the off stump for a right-hand batsman batting from the dressing-room end. Moreover, the overhead conditions are a legend of mythical stature here. If the breeze blows from the north-east, from the sea towards land, it means clear weather and a good time for batting. If it blows towards the sea, it brings clouds, and hell for batsmen. The forecast is for overcast conditions, and it drizzled steadily for a half-hour today. You can't really say, as you could in Centurion, that the toss is a crucial thing.
Zaheer Khan is back, he has dismissed Smith 9 times, expecting him to get Smith out early again.
My money is on India, they always bounce back after the first test, Sehwag might even score a 100+. Indian batsmen can score in any pitches, they are number 1 for being consistent, hope they put up a good show with the ball this time.
^ A_R - You have changed your Signature??? :)))

Anyways, One ZAK is not good enough to take 20 SA Wickets..

Still Hope they ( INDIA ) Will Perform Well and get back in the series to keep the series Alive till the 3rd Test... :19:
Zaheer and Pujara (most likely) in but Gambhir doubtful. Hope India wins the toss.
If Pujara is not in for Raina today I'm gonna just lose it!!
If Pujara is not in for Raina today I'm gonna just lose it!!

Raina does not look good for test cricket outside the subcontinent-absolutely yes,but to judge the complete caliber of the player we need to give him more chances atleast minimum 3 matches outside the subcontinent.And as mentioned in one of the articles i think dhoni and selectors are doing the right thing imo.When you decide to drop a player it should be done properly,not dropping him and asking him to come again when the selected batsman fails.

For me pujara has a 95 percent chance of failing this match,he was good in bangalore but nowhere near a perfect technique.The only thing going for him is his patience for long scores(going by domestic peformance) and less pressure compared to others.If he pulls it off it will be a miracle,and i eat my words.
India's senior batsman ie SRT, Dravid and VVS are good enough to bat on such tracks. They won't find it easy going, but they should be able to make a fist of it.

Sehwag, on his day, can quite simply take the pitch out of the equation.

So that's 4 of the top six who can make a contribution.

Bigger worry for India will be their bowling - will there be enough support for Zaheer to trouble SA's batsmen, in particular the form guys, Kallis, Amla, AB and Smith?
The only thing going for him is his patience for long scores(going by domestic peformance) and less pressure compared to others.If he pulls it off it will be a miracle,and i eat my words.

If you look at his Bangalore innings, he was the only batsman who countered short pitched bowling with powerful pulls and hooks. It was so refreshing to see an Indian batsman not ducking under short balls and taking up the challenge. I'd like to see him in the team for this reason alone.

Pujara is the future my friend, Raina is the status quoesque choice.
Lot will depend on the toss here, It was funny a while back lot of PPers were saying how winning toss in India = victory, seems not that much different on those hard bouncy wickets either ;-)
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A merry Christmas and a merrier Boxing Day to everyone around the world. It's a day packed with cricketing action from the supposedly warmer climes of the southern hemisphere. The news from Durban is that there was some drizzle in the morning, but it stopped over an hour before the official start of play. Here's hoping play begins on time, on a green wicket that Harbhajan Singh reckons can do with two grazing goats. While we wait for the toss, here is Sriram Veera's preview to the action.

Australia are being bossed in some style by England in Melbourne. New Zealand have ended their losing streak by completing an easy win against Pakistan, Tim Southee registering the third hat-trick in the format. Struggling to keep in touch with the developments? The ESPNcricinfo toolbar and the Chrome extension should be of help.

Australia should learn from South Africa on how to make tracks to suit the home team
Harbhajan Singh:- "We'll need two goats to feed on this grassy pitch" :)))
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Meh South African pitches are South African. They are usually like this, seamers wickets.

Our wickets are flat and bouncy, very different.

Hoping to see India bowl on a spicy track, would be interesting.
And more: :)))

Toss is really crucial especially from India's point of view.
Damn lost the toss!!! I know there is nothing Dhoni can do but please can we send someone else for the toss alone. We should have a toss captain and a regular one.
Its a green pitch Full of grass .Australia here we come.We may beat your 98 total.
Seriously, Dhoni is cursed, they should send someone else just for the toss
Sehwag will give India a flying start, I don't think pitches matter to him, he can score anywhere in the world regardless of bounce or swing, he hits anything that's red and round. Hope someone supports him in the other end, hopefully Dhoni. India will win this one, I have a feeling.
just hope the pitch dosent change too much for 2nd and 3day
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well bad luck has been haunting India for some time now... 1st match loss of Zaheer and now loss of Gambhir along with losing toss

This is India's best chance to quash those comments of India not deserving the # 1 tag...
oh man, can't stand this!!! has any other captain been so unlucky with the toss?
This is all the BCCI's fault ;) They should have so demanded that India gets to bowl first irrespective of the toss.
Edge and Shehwag Got a Single.. Well Field Setting as they Want to give Shehwag any Free Runs through 3rd man area.. :14:
Almost every ball seems to be close to a wicket, yet they survive. If India can get through the first 20 overs they should be able to post a decent score here. The pitch looks quite slow and if the sun comes out batting might be easy on this.
Dropped by Harris, too tall Harris, if only he was shorter like Ashraful, may have caught that.
Even G Smith was laughing when Dhoni lost the toss....Good start so far for India if they can play out first session well they can build on a good total else will always been playing a vatch up game
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