South Africa vs Pakistan | 2nd T20 | Cape Town | 22-11-2013 | South African innings

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above par score & easy win for PK me thinks . After innings interview,why was hafeez saying gillory for glory ?
Ali Mirza: "Shahid Afridi with Misbahian batting stats in a twenty20. Never thought I would see such a day."
Matthew: "Afridi disrupted Akmal's momentum and rhythm there. He needs to give up his pretence of being a batsman and concentrate on his bowling."
Hopefully this a clear signal the man can not bat at seven. Play him at eight and get another batsman in. He's been bowling good enough to hold his place in the team anyway as a bowler.
why Hafeez doesnt allow Maqsood to play is very simple. He is a no 3 batsman, he is very talented he can easiy take Hafeez's spot and kick him out of the team. He is a useful spinner as well. So the lobby of Misbah and Hafeez would not let him settle.
i fell so sorry for Maqsood, he is being treated do badly by Hafeez and seniors.
Stump mics should always be like this. It's pretty interesting hearing the players.
Amla is such an elegant batsman. One of the best to watch.
That's the problem with Tanvir. He bowls too many bad balls and out of nowhere delivers a peach. Same thing that Mohd Sami held once"
Tanvir a certified Professional TTF and a four against hafeez now
"Knew this was going to happen. Get ready to see our bowlers getting thrashed.
Shariq Memon: "Pakistan is 10-15 runs short courtesy to Afridi. He needs to perform with bowling to justify his miserable performance in batting."
Pretty safe ground shots by Kock. They have gotton India like start. Go slow for few overs, preserve wickets and then start hitting.

Amla hits effortless shots. After watching Afridi blindly waving bat Amla seems like god send. The difference between a 4 hit by blind slog and a 4 hit by textbook shot is the beauty
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