South Africa vs Zimbabwe - 1st ODI

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Jan 31, 2010
SA are 177/1

As I type this Hashim Amla just scored his 4th century just off 87 balls

Debutant Collin Ingram on 49*

SA going over 6 an over
Hashim run out :(

There goes his chance of breaking the 200,

oh well
S.A 255/3 after 39.3 overs...

Should be looking to get 350+ Here atleast.

Ingram on 91*
S.A team has a lot of new names in it, which is intresting to see...
Zimbabwe are 100/1 to chase down SA

I think it's only a matter of time before Zimbabwe pull off an upset but I don't think today will be the day
Is anyone watching this match?...impressive stuff it seems from Ingram...anyone able to comment on how he looked...Miller as well with a quick fifty...only Zimbabwe but they do seem to have a lot of depth do the Saffas...

Albie Morkel has to be the most overhyped player around...he a terrible batsmen and cant bowl to save his life...a genuine no rounder...
yeah I'm watching, but I only got in from work so I missed the Saffers innings. But I would imagine that the Zimmers bowling was awful, as per usual...which is a shame because Zimmers batting is looking very respectable these days. And like I said earlier in this thread, I think it's only a matter of time before they pull off a massive shock against one of the big boys
Ending of the match was predictable.

But hats off to B Taylor for carrying the bat for 50 overs!

he scored 145*, his career best
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