The Ashes | 3rd Test | Perth | Day 4 | 18/12/10

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Oct 20, 2010
Australia 268 & 309

England 187 & 81/5 (27.0 ov)

England require another 310 runs with 5 wickets remaining

Can England chase it? let's see
Australians have done remarkably well yesterday,it has to be said.Now it's time to finish things off.
to spice things up i would like to see a double hundred partnership, would become interesting.
It should be a win before lunch. Ive no intention of staying up until 5a.m watching this
Bell will add a few runs to save englands face from exiting disgracefully
Matt prior many runs can he add? He had an unbeaten century during the warm up games
Prior and bell being postive which is best way to play to be honest.
Harris has been excellent in this 2nd inns with the ball in hand!
well it's pretty much over now, bell had to stay in. Prior can't do this by himself. Swann's a decent enough bat, but the other two are tailenders.
Prior gone as well

5 for harris!

england 8 down!
Harris getting the ball to fly through at chest height here!

great stuff!
I can't see swann hanging around for long with the way he plays his strokes
Game over! 6 for Harris!

well done Aussies!

Series is 1-1 with 2 to go....
Hopefully the last 2 tests will see postive results as well.
YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh come on Australia, win the next two. Time to put Engerland in its place. Great stuff :D
Congrats Oz,They deserved to win after brilliant fightback
yeah congratz Aussies ...RA, OZGOD,Pinger and every Aussies supporter here....:)

and it finishes it off very early
Congrats to Aussies. Well Done. just need to win the match at MCG then hold off Swann at SCG.
Didn't even have time to post on the thread yet. A Test match for the bowlers. Series still alive!
Congrats to all Aussie fans here!

Ppl who were saying that Australia are finished needs to open up their eyes.
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