West Indies v Pakistan l 2nd ODI | Providence | Pakistan Innings

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Hafeez, Shehzad, Shafiq, and Jamshed will have to do better than they did in the last game. Umar Akmal will also have to contribute, and Afridi will have to keep it up. Misbah is reliable. :misbah
West Indies v Pakistan l 2nd ODI | Providence | Pak innings

232 to win
Since Asad Shafiq has been picked, he should bat at #3, as that's where he seems to be at his best. Hafeez can bat at #4 or #5 (depending on where Misbah bats). Then Umar Akmal at #6, and Shahid Afridi at #7.
Our bowlers bowled lil bit badly and still managed to restrict WI at 233 :)

Anyways i think jo hua acha hua aj batsman ko dekhta hain kitna pani ma hain :) 234 nothing extra ordnry :)
Shahzad and Nasir need to prove their worth. Misbahs will put runs on the board and Afridi will be very Afridi.
a good test... shehzad and nasir should give a good platform. i have no expectations for hafeez. if he scores more then 10 will call that a wonder... asad,misbah,umer will have to handle the middle order to take us home with afridi to provide some small fireworks.
lets see how this works... we got rid of the TTF and if ridding even them wont help us make 230 then i am afraid we are in big trouble.
Should be a stroll in the park
jo hota ha acha k liya hota ha jab end ma runs da rha tha ma khush tha q k ab batsman ko bhe aga ana hoga har bar bowlers nai karinga kam

yes we could use some chasing training.
Calm down guys i know it's Ramadan don't be hyper let's enjoy some good cricket...

razay lag rahay hai... :p :p :p ok come one opening.. no more foolish or lazy leaves.
We should reach 50 without a wicket loss...
230ish is generally the ideal score for pakistan. Anything above 250 is a struggle for pakistan with limited attacking batsmen and anything below 200 means they go into a complete shell. I think Pakistan chases these sort of targets.
I think WI will win but it's a good chance to see how the Pak top order handle the situation. A decent score at an undemanding rate gives them every opportunity to cement their place, hopefully they'll bat positively this time and play their natural game.
Good target to chase. Even if they mess up a little they can still recover and make it.
So some room for error but not a collapse. Only Razzler can save us from a collapse and win this kind of match.
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