West Indies v Sri Lanka | ICC World T20 Super8: Match 4 | Bridgetown | 5/7/10|

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How is this match going to shape up? Are we in here for a good match!
Not sure who to support...but because of Sanga I think I will be supporting the Windies....yaaaaaaa MAAAAANNNNNN!
Team NEWS:
West Indies team
CH Gayle*, ADS Fletcher†, S Chanderpaul, RR Sarwan, WW Hinds, DJ Bravo, KA Pollard, DJG Sammy, SJ Benn, KAJ Roach, JE Taylor
Sri Lanka team
TM Dilshan, DPMD Jayawardene, KC Sangakkara*†, CK Kapugedera, AD Mathews, ST Jayasuriya, NLTC Perera, M Muralitharan, SL Malinga, BAW Mendis, KMDN Kulasekara
Strike! said:
Aren't we getting a bit sick of the Koyla music? :))

YES! its from koyla..isnt it!
i always thought i had heard that music somewhere :))
Jaya's opening for Srilanka...Jayasuria moved up the order!dilshan down
SJ opening ahead of Dilshan. A possible good move but this is not the Sanath of old.
Very sharp first over from Roach, just 2 off.
BRILLIANT shot by SJ. That swun in and he punched it down the ground for 4. Pure timing.
Pollard drops Jayasuriya next ball!
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Not out, it's off the arm guard methinks.
Grandpa jayasurya goes. Retire ho jaayen chaacha ji.
It's time for Jaysuria to retire quite frankly, He's just too old.
It's sad a one time great player is looking so lost these days.
Even Sanath couldn't handle the short stuff, the slow not so short ball.

What would the Rawalpindi Express be thinking? ;-)
Jaya is basically batting an inch away from the stumps (VERY deep in the crease) - he knows he needs extra time against pace now. It's no shame, age catches everyone, but he's not doing his team any favours imo.
You can't blame Jaya, he is a proud man, the team should drop him.

Gayle butterfingers!
Good option to go for a yorker but it slips down leg for a wide.
Problem for the Lankans, with Gayle in the opposition there is no safe score. 170 minimum.
Both these batsmen being very aggressive even though this pitch isn't easy to score on.
What an ugly helmet Sanga wears. Sanga himself isn't an oil painting either though.
50 for Jayawardene and Sanga looks to be finding it easy. Was dropped earlier though.
just look at that amazing dive from bravo! even though he couldnt catch it, atleast he tried...thats something our pakistanis will not even try for and just let the man on the boundary field!
Jaya to get another 100 here.

Only 16 more runs in 2+ overs.
It will be all on Gayle, Chanders, Sarwan and Bravo. Pollard is a mediocre player of spin.
Sanga gone. A good thing for the Lankans, has Dilshan got some form to come in next?
Is SL the most experienced team at the moment? In order words they have the most senior and accomplished players..
kasoo10 said:
Is SL the most experienced team at the moment? In order words they have the most senior and accomplished players..

Jayawardne has been carrying the team so far in the cup. If he fails, it may be a different story for them. The rest of the batting bar Sanga is suspect.
jayawardena misses out on the century. 1 ball to go and he's off strike
kapugedera should've taken a single and given the strike to jayawardena. he deserved a century, would've been his second century in consecutive matches. wot a player
gayle needs to play a good innings today if west indies are to have any chance of winning.
Well done ......Jaya ....
plz give me simple answer kya kha key aaya hai bhai tu is T20 WC mein...???
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