Which cricket bat shall I get my brother?


Jun 28, 2012

It's my brothers birthday soon as I was thinking of getting a cricket bat for him as his old one has cracks in it. I have looked at a few on the internet but am unsure about which one to get him. He is turning 14 and would need a size Harrow.

Here are a few that I was looking at.





Any sort of advice would be extremely helpful. My budget isn't great, it's at a stretch £35. This bat will only be for a season or two as once he outgrows it he has plenty of good size bats from Pakistan.

Thank-You in advance. :)
Hey dude ! Sweet you getting your brother a bat for his birthday i see your budget is £35 and id go the the

Slazenger V200 Super Cricket Bat


1. Its a English Willow bat (the others are Kashmir which is not the best bat at any level of cricket

2. Slaz have a great reputation for bat makers as do the others

3. It says its a light pick up and at that age you want a light bat to use

4. And finally lowered middle the slaz has a lower middle which will help your brother develop his game on front foot which is the most important

Just my view i could be wrong i hope it helps and your brother enjoys what ever bat you get for him
Well explained by Qasim. My vote also goes to Slazenger V200 for the same reasons. You can also check ebay, there might be some lucrative offers.