Zimbabwe v Pakistan | 2nd T20 | Harare | 18th Sep 2011 | Zimbabwe Innings

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I still think we have to many bowlers.

7 bowlers in a t20 is way too much.
Jarvis bowled really well. I hope he turns out to be a good pacer for Zim.
Pakistan probably would have liked 160-170 but Zim are no T20 champions

141 is an okish total

bowling and fielding will be tested for sure
Looks a tough wicket to time in the middle overs.

Pakistan need the first PP to go well, two wickets if possible.
I don't care that we win or loss today, but i can tell, this team will struggle to make good scores against any decent oppostions, we don't have many players who can clear the boundaries. we need some big hitters in this team. This team is bowler heavy, we need to play Hamad Azam in the middle.
Just remembered Sohail is playing.. Zimbabwe favourites lol. :p
Full and wide, four. Great start for Zimbabwe.
That 6 sums Tanvir and whatever respect there is for him up....rubbish as anything
Like I've said a million tmes, why the hell are we playing this trundler Sohail Tanvir :facepalm:

Guy struggles to bowl 80 mph
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