4th ODI: Rawalpindi - England Innings - discussion and scorecard

Can someone explain to me why Pakistan are giving so many easy singles away, when run a ball is needed and the tail-enders are batting?
trying to keep ali away from the strike, but that was silly
akhtar to ali
1) slower ball guided away to third man, one run
2) anderson on strike, slower ball and another run, this aint looking good for us
3) 19 of 22 required, ali on strike, bouncer no runs!
4) Another short ball! No run!
5) 19 of 20 required, another short ball and its called a wide! 1 run and extra ball now
5) 18 of 20 required now, quick single taken one run!
6) 17 of 19 required, anderson on strike come on akhtar! his defended it! one run
16 of 18 required
Also I don't undertsand why Sami and Rana were bowling outisde off stump to Anderson. When a batsman is only playing and missing, you got to attack the stumps, so that idf he misses, you knock the stumps over or hit the pad.

Thatw as something taht Wasim and Waqar were good at.
PPers bhaion - rumaal nikaal lo roney key liyay - I have already taken out my towel - rumaal say kaam nahee chalegaa
malik to anderson
1) edged in the air, no run
2) wide!!!!!!!!!!! 15 of 17 required
2) no run played and missed
3) and again! what a delivery, no run
4) and again, no run
5) 15 of 14 required, played striaght no run
6) ali on strike, please dont ruin it malik come on, no run hahahah well bowled malik!
Hats off to Kabir - Pakistani tailenders should take a leaf out of his book - and not play like lunatics
Malik did well there...Could be the defining moment of the match for Pak
What a brilliant catch, that's the series wrapped up \o/\o/\o/

its gettin' late bhaiyo im off to work !
Pooor Anderson was looking to bat out to 50 overs and make a name for himself!!! lol
Bloody 'ell! Why do we like to do it the hard way? Congrats to the team on winning the ODI series too!
Superb over from Malik must not be forgotten. Eng were getting away and that extra pressure created the dismissal the nest over. Good performance from Pak!!!

Pakistani Team Toesie Great Ho Maha Ho Whatever

Lick My **** All The Pessimists

This Win Is Another Achievment For Our Team This Experience Is Awsome
I Am At Uni And Was Stressing So Much But Hell Ya We Wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :27: :27: :27: :27: :19: :19: :19: :19:
pakistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn zindabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

can i ask when the higlights will be up????
It was a close one.... :14: Pakistan Thumbs up :19:

RAMEEZ on the victory stand Congratulation to Pakistan and comiseration to ENgland

Same line over and over again
excellent game with a great fightback from the english tailenders.....
however, pak with some work to do on their general fielding but overall and excellent series victory
the next game, lets hope yasir arafat comes in for maybe razzaq, younis may be rested, and asif for shoaib???
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superb captaincy, superb batting by inzy and great bowling by all the bowlers...

after 25 overs the ball was doing nothing but skidding on to the bat so even more credit to the bowlers in the end!
Raz said:
Oh my god!!! My heart!!!!!!!!!!

Me too, my bloodpressure must have been at 180 beats per minute.

What a win. We needed a fantastic bowling effort, and getting Flintoff was the key. Kabir played well with Blackwell. Nearly took it away from Pakistan.
This has been a dissapointing tour from Eng perspective. Pak held on and full credit to them
Waqar-they Toooat To ---its Taught Some1 Tell Him Bari English Jhaar Ta Hai
I am so glad that the Rana-Akmal dropped catch confusion did not result in a serious injury.