Aus vs. SA | 30th September 2012 | ICC World T20

Anything below 150 is piece of cake for Australia.

If you are reading me please let us know about the weather. I see some clouds on the sky.
This looks as Aussies will win, SA had a poor start and because of that they can be out of this tournemount. Only if there bowling goes great they can stay in this world cup.
Warner gone. :out
couldnt take the pressure. Good overs by South Africans
Fantastic bowling, Good thing their fast bowling didn't fire against us.
47-1 . if South Africa doesnt get Watson in next 2 overs, they are gone
Give Parnell a bowl already, no point in bowling him at the death when the game is already lost.
2 Rajasthan royal players having good matured banter there..this is what IPL does best..friendship among players
that was a nothing shot by Hussey..thankfully it landed safely
Watson has most runs, most sixes and most wickets in this world cup now
again a poor shot by Hussey and again it landed safely..been lucky this over