Australia v India l Warm-Up | Cardiff | June 04, 2013

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Gotham Cronie

Test Debutant
Jun 15, 2006
After resounding victories setup by individual centuries in their first warm-up match, both teams will look to head into the group stages with a further confidence booster.
Both teams don't look like crossing the first round.. Expecting a dull contest :))
I hope a green seamer is prepared,so that our batsmen are tested and our trundlers can gain some confidence.
Australia will win this easy, they seem dispatch India with ease every time they face each other.
Mitchell Starc is gonna rip the heart out of our so called batting line up. You heard it here first!
Rarely dull when these two teams meet, even if it is "just" a warmup.

Both won their opening warmup games quite convincingly, so this should be an interesting contest.

Game gets underway in 30 minutes.
Both teams won their first warm-up games this one will be the real test for them. Australian good but now great bowling will be tested against a solid batting line up.
we batting first lol..
lets see how we gonna do when setting a target...
Clarke is not feeling well so he might not be playing.
I got a feeling that Clarke is not playing just because of Sir Jadeja.
I dunno what happens to us batting first often we get off to great starts you think they would put a total of 400 then barely manage 250
Why always Indian kit look same to me? is it because they only make small changes to it?
I dunno what happens to us batting first often we get off to great starts you think they would put a total of 400 then barely manage 250

those days are bygone.. Now we have Vijays and Sharmas :))) We'll start off with 250 and end with 200 nowadays
Cricinfo - the first ball is going to be balled :facepalm:
Poor umpiring, clear inside edge there.
should hv sent Karthik,Kohli doesnt need any practice
dhawan is a flop at international level.. write it somewhere :)))
Starc and Junaid are very similar. Wasim gave starc some tips a year or two ago when the Aussies played Pak. Seems to be paying off, very tricky bowler.

Shikhar Dhawan seems like a player who can take the game away from the opposition quickly.
Looks like kohli will struggle against good bowling in CT
Indian batting in seaming conditions reminds me our lineup.

Virat has won India half of the matches so far, India are nothing without kohli the young prodigy
Vijay M is one hell of a paindu player. Now that uncle Srini has gone, I guess the Indian team shall get the respite from such useless players.
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missed chance .. wade is no way near an international wicketkeeper even worst than :kamran
Best batting line up of the world on fire lol...
this, my friends, is an indication of what is coming up on June 15th. (just replace aussies with Pak)
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