England v New Zealand l 1st T20 l Oval l England Innings

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I Believe in the Teesra

Test Debutant
Dec 10, 2011
Boyd Rankin to make his debut.

Looks like the English have completely overhauled their squad. Should be interesting to see how these new guys perform.
Real mix of nationalities in this game. Saffers and Kiwis on both teams and a few Irishmen thrown in.
lol having a T20 series in between the CT following the ODIs...wow
Man they need to stop playing cricket for 2 weeks at least, im sick of cricket 24/7
An Irish playing for England.

That's why there aren't any other good teams other than the top 8.

Imagine if Eoin Morgan played for Ireland still, how strong they would be..
i just dont know why meaker is drop hes got pace can bat a bit 10 times better than dernbach
Re: England v New Zealand l 1st T20 l Oval l New Zealand Innings

Wait there is a match going on? :))
Missing Kiwi in this thread...NZ on Fire!!!
Seeing these t20 reminds me we playing against RSA we got a big hammering in test matches AND than RSA brought there A team AGAINST us and we beat the hell out of them
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