England vs India | T20 | Old Trafford | Aug 31st

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Jan 10, 2011
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Match starting in 2 hours, India still winless on this tour .

England: SCJ Broad*, RS Bopara, TT Bresnan, JC Buttler, JW Dernbach, ST Finn, AD Hales, C Kieswetter†, EJG Morgan, SR Patel, KP Pietersen, BA Stokes, GP Swann

India: MS Dhoni*†, SK Raina, VR Aaron, R Ashwin, R Dravid, V Kohli, P Kumar, A Mishra, MM Patel, PA Patel†, AM Rahane, RG Sharma, RP Singh, SR Tendulkar, R Vinay Kumar
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I hope Varun gets to play. Will be angry if they don't let him.
I hope he does not. With his pace and waywardness, he would be taken for 50runs in his 4overs :facepalm:

The guy should play a proper Test match before he is pushed into Int'l T20's.

So why was he selected then??? Test matches are over now
^That's how it should have been, but now that tests are already done he should get the chance, we shouldn't be thinking negative
So why was he selected then??? Test matches are over now

Poor job from selection committee.

Varun Aaron should have played in the place of RP Singh who bowled very very poorly and was out of shape.

If he gets hit for too many runs, it could ruin his confidence and some idiot will teach him about line and length and he would be another Munna Patel in the making :facepalm:

It will be a huge gamble to play Varun in this game.
Apparently Broad hit Pietersen in the chin during their net session. :akhtar
Wasim Bhai on STAR Cricket when asked by Harsha how did his match go yesterday against Bumble's team, He was playing for Niel Fairbrother's team
'I bowled 4 overs yesterday and now I cant move and this is the end of cricket for me esp as Bumble got me out'!
'Can we expect you to be more competitive in the shorter formats?'

Atherton. :)))
Dravid on debut. Patel, Ashwin and the Kumars make up the bowling.
Joke of the day 'Dravid is playing the T20 game' Hhahahahahahahhahahahahahha :)))
only one main spinner, expecting Rohit and Raina to bowl more then.
The sky people at it again :facepalm:
Really waiting for our time, England will be unleashed to hell :inti
Teenda is not playing, that's not what I heard. Can you post the final XI for both teams?

India team
PA Patel, AM Rahane, R Dravid, V Kohli, RG Sharma, SK Raina, MS Dhoni*†, P Kumar, R Ashwin, R Vinay Kumar, MM Patel
England on the field. Out come the openers.
Bresnan to bowl.
very excited to watch Rahane here . Hes going to be our best bat in few years time . Not exactly a T20 player though , but this should be a good experience for him
You calling a Muslim brother Vikram, pathetic on many levels :facepalm:

Doesn't matter the religion ... it was just awful discriminatory hate coming out of hate dungeon .. this is another one on same day for me on PP. Lots of weird people around ...
i thought Rahane is more of a test match player..
never seen him playing any significant innings in IPL
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