How to Prepare my Boom Boom bat?


Tape Ball Regular
Sep 5, 2010
Do i have to oil and knock in my bat if its new i know it cracks but it wont break will it?? thanks can i replace linseed oil with vegetable oil? :iamlegend :iamlegend
Yes of course you do............oil it first with LINSEED OIL!!!!!!!!! NOT VEGETABLE OIL! then knock the edges and toe end...........u shouldent worry a great deal about knocking the sweetspot. Which boom boom have u got?
don't boom boom bats have the same coating that MB bats have? if so, the bat is waterproof, and won't take in the oil.
linseed oil is for wood use only linseed oil, No vegetable or cooking oil and dont over oil the bat just two coats with small piece of cloth and than knock it from top to bottom concentrate more on edges and toe Your bat life will get longer hope it helps sorry for my poor english CHEERZ
Boom Boom Bats come ready to play, and DO NOT NEED TO BE OILED.
Alright guys............sorry for all the confusion lol.............I just thought that was the logical thing to do with all new bats :p