ICL | Chandigarh Lions v Lahore Badshahs | Panchkula | 2/11/08


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Mar 9, 2007
A must win game for the Badshahs!

Lets see how they do!
Go Lahore Badshahs! Smash the Lions (so that we can smash you later and claim the semi-final spot)
bdchamp20 said:
Go Lahore Badshahs! Smash the Lions (so that we can smash you later and claim the semi-final spot)

Really want LB and DW to qualify!
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Yeah the badshah needs to win this one, infact all of their remaining games to qualify for the semis.

This pitch will suit their stoke play, the bounce is good and the seamers will enjoy bowling on this surface.

Come on Badshahs
so Badshahs bowling first, lets see how they fare on this surface.
This surface will probably help Badshah's with some pace and bounce
Some things dont change.

Sami getting spanked for 4 1st ball!
Terrible decison to give unknown Indian LBW.
He challenges - NOT OUT!

Shocking initial decison!!!!
Badshahs being tonked around without mercy!

27-0 off 3 overs
Samis 1st ball of the over spanked for another boundary!

Head high beamer from Sami nearly decapitates the unknown India (who earlier charged into Sami)

Looks like Sami got him back

Probably get a warning for that
we need to at least restrict them to 140 150 as our batting line up is very destructive and will destroy any opposition.
I seriously think that rana should be in the national team. He can be a great coach for our youngsters.
Some guy is caught behind off Nazir

62-2 off 9.4
lions are going to score around 150-160 today unless saqi applies the brakes
With what an oldie and unknown indian cricketers

lol... you never know man. They still have Andrew Hall and Lou Vincent waiting to bat. they can cause some damage on their day
whoot, they finally get direct hit... but it aint run out unfortunately
Plumb LBW - hitting middle of middle stick!

Inzi / Bowler forget to challenge!!! Mahela RULES on challenges!

73-2 off 12 overs.
85-4 off 14.3

Saq gets another - good catch by Rana....a sprawling catch on his knees!
Vincent runs out his partner toget to the other side

Badsha's keeper is very very slow in the mind....