Ireland v Australia | ODI | Dublin | 17/6/10

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Amjid Javed

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Mar 3, 2004
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Latest - 162 for 4 (40.0 overs)

Paine 63, Pointing 33, C white 42

10 overs to go in Aussie inns.
Australia | 183-4 | 43 Overs

Paine remains not out at 80 of 120 balls.
sakss said:
194/6..........wt is goin on here

To be honest i think Aussies already have enough runs to win this game easily!
ya true that....the irish wont be able to score more thn 150 even
:)) the pitch looks tough. Expect Ireland to be bundled up for less than 100 if Australia are struggling so hard.
Australia | 231-9 | 50 Overs | Ireland need 232 runs to win from 50 Overs

Ireland hold Australia to 231
Pakistan_Zindabaad said:
Aussies are rusty after a long break.
and if it was Pakistan instead of Australia people would have started saying that Pak players are involved in match fixing
Imagine if Ireland beat Australia, and We couldn't defeat them in 12 different encounters
hashbb said:
Imagine if Ireland beat Australia, and We couldn't defeat them in 12 different encounters

haha yea if you put it that way, but in reality...

not the same team that we faced.
not in australia.
no 3rd umpire (ireland got lucky with a couple of decisions apparently)
if i was a betting man and u only showed me the scores, i could have put my house on it that ireland got 231 and aus 74-0 after 9.3!!
Excellent 10 overs for Ireland. 76/0.
80/1 after 11 overs. First wicket down.
if only ireland still had morgan, they would almost certainly win it from here.
Random Aussie said:
Yawn. Good luck to the Irish.

Aussies looks to have a tough series against England and Pakistan this summer.
make it 86/3 ..............porterfield gone.......................return of normal proceedings
And was expected from no where they start of well but the start will never end for them.
Ireland require another 129 runs with 7 wickets and 33.0 overs remaining. 3.9 an over.

um...that actually sounds possible. if this was a top 6 ODI team, I'd back them to do it, even against the Aussies. but it's only Ireland. The aussies will probably come through in the end.
sensible batting by these two, there is no reason to step on the gas yet.
Little partnership brewing between Cusack and Neil O'Brien. 108 needed off 29.3 overs. Neil holds the key according to cricinfo.
Irish doing okay here............Alex cusack keep on........134/3 in 22 overs
Ireland | 3/135 | 23 Overs | Need 96 runs to win from 27 Overs

Australia fight back as hosts slow
under 100 runs to win. very realistic chance of beating the Aussies here.
half way through the innings, honours even. could be a tight one.
Niall o Brien goes too. and probably the match with him.
Australia 231/9 (50 ov)

Ireland 171/9 (37.6 ov)

Ireland require another 61 runs with 1 wicket and 12.0 overs remaining
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