Karachi Dolphins v Multan Tigers | Group B | FB Super 8 T20 Cup| Faisalabad |26/6/11

Kaun Jeetega?

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match is 3 hours away, will re-open then.
i must admit talent is unequally distributed in pakistan's domestic scene so hte dolphins should win this easily.though the rams should have beaten them in the 1st gmae
Sohail Khan playing ahead of Tariq Haroon :kd
Rameez Alam dropped :mt
Mirza Iqbal thinks square leg is the new short midwicket!
Tanvir beats the bat third ball, good start by the South Africans.
Over the top for four, very good first over for Multan.
Been a fan of Sohail Khan for a while. Looking forward to seeing him bowl today!
lol I can't believe this Sohail Khan actually played a Test for Pakistan. What a useless bowler.
The keeper just called Sohail Khan "Lala"?! :)) wth? Just cause the real Lala is missing? :afridi
:)) Mirza Iqbal Baig finally gets one fact from his factbook embedded inside his brain wrong! The test match Sohail Khan played for Pakistan was in March 2009, not January 2009 like he said :p
Good bouncer, Sohail doesn't seem as quick as everyone made out.
Tanvir continuing with yorkers, dug out again.
Karachi's fielding has been pretty lazy so far.
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