Karachi Dolphins v Multan Tigers | Group B | FB Super 8 T20 Cup| Faisalabad |26/6/11

Kaun Jeetega?

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Lost one wicket in the first ten overs; lost NINE wickets in the last ten overs - That's how you do it! :p

That partnership on the second wicket is actually a major reason behind the loss. They carried on well in the power play, but, failed to maintain a decent rate after that.

Both the batsmen looked incapable of hitting fours or sixes without slogging and they couldn't slog all that much after the power-plays. You can't allow the required run rate to go back up to 9 or 10 after it has been brought down to 7s.

Naive batting did them in.
True, RR are one of the biggest teams in the domestic circuit.

Didn't they make the semis and finals every year. And Karachi fluked it to their first ever semi last year

Karachi are finding out the hard way it's not easy to recover from losing star player(s). :amir :afridi

And yes, RR are THE biggest team.
Errrm, it was South African style guys, Pakistan have always had half decent bowlers. Sorry.
Sikandar Bakht asking the most idiotic questions.
ok I have no idea which language Sami is speaking.

SOSAMI where are you.
WOW haha. What an upset that was! Karachi Dolphins have been BEATEN by Multan Tigers. Left arm spinner Zulfiqar Babar claimed a hat-trick in the 19th over. Tall left arm pacer Mohammad Irfan bowled superbly at the death. Earlier left handed youngster Zain Abbas who is the so called next Saeed Anwar made a brilliant 85. Lefties magic beats last year's finalists at the Iqbal Stadium. Astonishing result.
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