Lahore Lions v Hyderabad Hawks| FBT20 | Karachi |25/9/11|

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Lahore de Babbar Sher Zindabaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

Wish i had high speed net , i cant watch video only sound :(
Come on Sharjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel! :)
And come on Nasir Jamsheeeeeeeeeeed! :)
Oi Asim Kamal sitting there with the Geo Super crew. I didn't recognize him.
Idiot! Winning the toss and bowling first :facepalm:
Congrats to Hyderabad Hawks in advance for winning against Lahore Lions.

IIRC, links are allowed in domestic games.

huh many of these domestic players needs to keep themselves more fitter.
Please Mods allow PPers to post links. Whole world expect Pakistan can't watch the Match, please do something.
Mir Ali Talpur :)))

what a joke of a cricketer.
I dont know if the mods will allow you to, but could you post a link for the game if you have one? I've searched the net but found nothing, everyone is showing the CLT20 instead.
Decent first over by Zahid Mahmood. Looks like a good spinner.
Razzaq is the skipper right? Will he be coming in at 3 himself or will he push up Umar Akmal?
I'd much rather watch a Razzaq blazing innings than Umar Akmal or anyone else.

Nothing beats vintage Razzaq hitting.

that only happens once in 100 matches:akhtar

need the batsman at the top of order ,,,

there might b some matches when u might collapse so need all batsman in goog form:ahmed
nasir jamshed will come next so don't know if will see razzaq
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