My New Cricket bat

Bowling Shane

Nov 13, 2007
Check out my new bat, it's the new MB Malik Limited Edition,the pick up is amazing and the few knocks iv'e had with it feels great!!!

I got it at a good price from ebay, some guy called ilikemrd, got it
checked by MB and it is the real thing!! So so pleased :)


  • mb le grip pic.jpg
    mb le grip pic.jpg
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    mb le bat.jpg
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    bat profile pic mb le.jpg
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Well done, that looks really nice. Nice wide grain structure. I reckon that will give you at least 600 or so runs. Enjoy.
Looks good, what size are the edges? what is the weight of the bat?

Does it come with a toe guard?
Hey Bro! Did this bat come with a rubber toe guard or a cream colored coating on the toe?
Brilliant bat! Just out of curiosity, how big exactly are those edges? Also, what weight is it and how is the pick up?