New Zealand vs England | 3rd ODI | Auckland | 02/15/2008


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Sep 27, 2006
England won the toss and elected to field first in the must-win third one-day international against New Zealand in Auckland

England has made two changes, Dimi Mascarenhas and Luke Wright coming in for Graeme Swann and Ravi Bopara.

New Zealand brought in Paul Hitchcock for the injured Michael Mason

NZ leading series 2-0. Must win for England today
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Go NZ!!

By the way, how is the pitch looking? Should be sporty, since England chose to field.
it's the first over right now. Sidebottom is getting some swing, bounce is good but can't tell how the pitch is. Commentators think it is a good batting pitch and should be high 200s game
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12thMan said:
it's the first over right now. Sidebottom is getting some swing, bounce is good but can't tell how the pitch is. Commentators think it is a good batting pitch and should be high 200s game
Thanks. And im surprised that England haven't put up a fight.
match should be on ATN or CBN

McCullum out ct at second slip. the ball came high to his body and he put the bat there or maybe trying to cut it
NZ 7-1 after 1.5 overs
what a six by someone. just timing. it was Ryder
NZ 14-1 after 3.4
Last match there were Botham and Atherton also commentating. haven't heard Englishman yet. This is a nice pitch for ODI or even test
NZ 28-1 after 7 overs
reminder at innings break Aus-SL will start at Perth
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Plasma said:
Thanks. And im surprised that England haven't put up a fight.

Remember NZ thrashed Australia 3 nil in NZ last year - they are a very good ODI side. In the Tests their lack of depth shows though.
Brilliant shot by How.

Yeah i agree. Until last year i thought he was only good for county cricket
I have not seen Ryder bat yet but how is he? seems very attacking player?
How 11 - Ryder 22
NZ 39-1 after 10 overs

TV scoreboard is saying How is 10 but cricinfo saying he is on 11. cricinfo has corrected it now to 10. probably saw the TV card
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How out ct at point off Broad. good catch by Collingwood
NZ 40-2 after 10.4 overs
I think NZ could be in trouble. They usually need an opener to fire especailly after McMillan has retired. Taylor in and has to score atleast 40 but he is not consistent
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Ryder pulling and ct at boundary off Andersen
NZ 40-3 after 11.1 overs @ 3.58
Ryder is a fine talent. Just needs to get in better shape.

40/3 now!
Surprised to see that Styris only averages 32 in ODIs
some bashing going on at cricinfo about the ground

Steve Papa lays down a challenge: "I dare you to name a single sports arena within the Auckland region where a supporter can go watch a quality game of sport. Be it cricket, rugby, or league. Its not possible. Almost every stadium has lacks support infrastructure, a quality of service, and not to mention the grounds may not even be the correct shape for a game (eg. Eden Park and their rectangular cricket field). So I am not surprised by the poor turnout in Auckland games. I'm all for more live sport in Auckland, but in a quality ground. Bring back the waterfront option."

We have had hundreds of mails and about two of them have defended Eden Park. Now, come on, is it really that bad? There must be some worse grounds ...

"It's not that we give Aucklanders stick about not attending sports. Its that when the council does suggest upgrading it they vote in the guy who campaigns on demanding the government pay for it. You can have your cake, and eat it too, but be damned sure you pay it," mails Michael. Nothing like some local politics on a Friday afternoon ...

Is there anyone from the Eden Park authorities who would like to spring to their ground's defence? In particular why it takes so long to buy a beer or some food?
New Zeland is in serious trouble now.
Styris gone! NZ 53-4 Overs 14.5
Ross Taylor's name - LRPL Taylor - Luteru Ross Poutoa Lote Taylor
something new for me. Luteru sounds better than the commercial name. Add that to the name thread in some combination
a big shout for LBW but Rambo Rauf says no. Was there an edge otherwise it looked out

cricinfo reports:
That looked about as out as you can get ... no edge ... and Hawkeye suggests it was clattering into middle and leg.

23.3 Sidebottom to Oram, no run, marooned in the crease, he shuffles to the off and is hit right in front ... Sidebottom roars a confident appeal but the umpire is having none of it
Taylor with a slog sweep for six off Dimitri
NZ 83-6 after 27 overs
Oh well Aus-SL starts in about an hour and 20 min and I will miss it
Well England have finally turned up in this match but then again i'd expect our bowling to on this pitch. Still question marks over the batting though. Phil Mustard isn't an opener, Bell can't score a run, Pietersen can't string 2 innings together and we have no lower order.


Taylor just gone lbw as i type lbw to Collingwood. Massive front stride by Taylor, maybe a bit unfortunate.
funny thing happened. Umpire is not at the stumps (walking towards it), Collingwood bowls and Oram hits a six. Ofcourse it has to be Rambo Rauf and he calls it a dead ball. a ball later he writes something in the book. One or two ball later there is a shout for LBW and Rauf leans to the right and gives out. NZ commentator is asking "where are you Asad Rauf?"

Taylor out
NZ 95-6

cricinfo story:

Oram now looks to have found his touch, pulled through wide mid-on for a six ... but it's a dead ball as the umpire wasn't in position! Why did he bowl when the umpire was nowhere nearly in the right spot? He was checking his card on which he records the overs bowled.

29.3 Collingwood to Taylor, OUT, oh dear ... salt in the wound. First the six is discounted and three balls later Taylor misses a straight one and is given lbw. He was a long way forward but it wasn't high. In normal circumstances that would be okay, but given what has already happened this over, it's bound to be a discussion point ...

(hawkeye said it was hitting stumps)
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Andersen drops Vettori at the boundary and ball goes for 4
NZ 99-6 after 30 overs
"How can a six be called a dead ball?" asks Shaun. "Isn't that cheating?" Well, the umpire was not looking as he was checking his over card. Why Collingwood bowled when Rauf was standing a good yard to the side of the stumps is anyone's guess. He had to call a no-ball as he was in no position to give a decision had it been necessary.
- question/comment posted at cricinfo about the six and deadball
a bit of comeback by Oram and Vettori.
NZ 146-6 after 38 overs @ 3.8
Vettori gone pulling a short one from Collingwood straight to shah at deep square. Big wicket as he was playing well and finding the boundary.

Vettori out ct at deep midwicket off Collingwood
NZ 169-7 after 41.3 overs @ 4.07
infamous9383 said:
Ian Smith,kiwi commentator, did he just call Jacob Oram the world's best hitter?

Would be close IMO

NZ's lower order making the runs as usual.