Official SCORE thread: VB Series Final no. 1 [4/02/05]

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Mar 3, 2004
Didnt see one up.

Here it is

Ozzies batting first

Australia 19/0 (5.4 ov)

Rao bowling tight
5.5 Iftikhar Anjum to Gilchrist, FOUR, pitched full outside off, driven
firmly away in the air back over the bowlers head down the ground
6.3 Naved-ul-Hasan to Clarke, two runs, dropped! flicked off the pads
in the air to mid wicket, Razzaq dives to his right, can't hold a
tough chance
8.3 Naved-ul-Hasan to Clarke, OUT: LBW! taken on the pads by a ball
that comes in off a shortish length, trapped in front of the
stumps, Bowden upholds the appeal, possible concerns about both
the direction and the height, hawkeye shows it hitting the top of
leg stump

29/1 after 9 overs
Civil thanx bro, appriciate it, i think Mods should make a sticky with all the new winamp links and the all the audio links. but i thank u much.
OMG I go to run an errand and two wickets fall!!!

|-F |-F |-F
4.2 Mohammad Khalil to Symonds, FOUR, full down leg, flicked away in
the air through backward square, gets past Yasir in the deep

not really a 4.

fileder gave him that 4
6.2 Mohammad Khalil to Symonds, FOUR, short ball, smashed away with a
blazing pull through mid wicket

symonds looks like he is trying to bat is way out of trouble.
Australia 105/3 (21.3overs)

Symonds is on 32 not out

(i fear a repeat of his World Cup innings)
guys remove those tacky sized sig's
theyr annoying when ur borwsing thru the threads

as for the cricket
its that cheating umpire that needs to be removed
the other day one of the commentators said Davis is not far away from the Elite Panel, judging by his performance so far he anyone who even thinks about putting him their shud slap himself
Afridi 2 wickets in 2. Good comeback!

We may well restrict them to something managable, but we need Symonds out
Pakistan run chase underway with a wide from Brett lee 1st ball.
1st LBW decision and it goes in the favour of Aussies.

Salman gone for o, could have been inside edge of the bat, Salman indicates to the umpire.
Kamran AKmal gone aswell caught on the boundary off a short ball.

bad start from PAkistan...
Yohanna come into bat before Inzy.

Hafeez plays and misses.
Pakistan 7-2 after 2 overs.
1 LBW decision and 1 bad shot by Akmal!

Pakistan is back to square one |-F

we now have to start it all over again
Lee is bowling with a lot of pace and fire and bowls Yohanna with 152kmh bowl.

suker bowl after bouncer. !!!
Pakistan in deep deep trouble Inzy is going to have to play the captains innings of his life.

Hafeez needs to contribute with the bat for once.
Aussies keeping the pressure on top fielding by Symonds keeps Hafeez on strike.
how long Yoyo has been playin cricket everybody knew it was gona be a yorker.Is not tht he is scared of lee.
Just need to see off Lee, Mcgrath and Gillespie without any more losses and inshallah the game will be ours!
Symonds is amazing good stop and then on the floor flicks back and hits the wicket... comfortable single for Inzy.
That was funny the Australian commentator getting carried away with the run out, good fielding by watson but hardy anybody appealed in the field and the commentator was jumping with delight.

Sit back down..
Gillispie on to bowl now Hafeez and Inzy working him well on to the leg side.

Hafeez - 13

26-3 after 11 overs
Hafeez throws away his wicket trying to pull a length delivery up in the air and caught by Watson near the non striker, Inzy.

Inzy head down can't believe it.

What was Hafeez doing playing that shot.
29-4 Pakistan throwing away all the good work by the bowlers.

Top Order letting them down badly.
Malik joins Inzy, we need a big partnership now.
Inzy needs to score a ton.
Hafeez fails yet again! I simply cant believe this guy.
He wanted Mcgrath to celebrate his 300th wkt ..otherwise he would have been shattered
With another 210 needed and only Razzaq, Afridi and maybe Rana to come. They just cant afford to lose another wicket now! Forget the run rate for now, saving wickets is the main priority.
Top cover drive for 4 from Malik, why he was messed around down the order I will not understand...
He can build innings and has the composure to battle through.

Mixup between Malik and Inzy, could have been a run out but missed the stumps.

Pakistan can't afford a silly run out today.
Malik smashes Gillipies square of the wicket for 4 past point.

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