Pakistan v South Africa l 1st Test | Abu Dhabi | 10/15/13 | Day 2

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Aug 30, 2011
Just under 4 hours to go until play starts on Day 2. Should be an interesting day's play!
Sadly won't be able to watch the whole thing like yesterday. Will probably only get the slow middle session.
Pak should get SA out in the next 20-30 runs. If they score 300 and knowing that Pak has to bat last than the writing is very much on thew wall
Hope South Africa adds another 70+ runs. It will be interesting test match.

With another 70+ runs, SA will have advantage but it's difficult to put even 40 more runs from here on unless Amla can farm the strike. Steyn can hit some but he is not a very reliable batsman.
its amla and he can easily easily add another 100 to the total with the tail.
need to get them out by max. 270 otherwise we will be under pressure from ball 1
This is not Pakistan's tail. Amla is still batting and he is not brainless like Pakistani batsmen. If Pakistan take these last 2 wickets lightly ,they will easily cross 300 and get in the driver's seat.
Eid Mubarak brothers!

Hope the boys have prayed for a win in Abu Dhabi :inzi
In sha Allah we get them quickly. Under 260 runs hopefully and then we bat well.
Those who say Irfan is not a test bowler please wake up

And I was saying this before the match started

Yes fitness is an issue but everything else is just great
wow!! Pakistan cleaned up the tail cheaply for once!! Great bowling performance! Junaid's spell to Kallis and Irfan's opening spell were the stand outs for me. Pakistan need to pile up 400 now.
Now the innings that defines the test match

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Irfan does add byte and variety to the attack... He looks fitter and smarter than last time... Looks like a hard working individual... Its hard for him to improve in fitness and control with same pace...He was the pick of the bowlers, Bravo!!!
Great going by the Pakistani Boys..... Rolled them over for under 250.

Now the pitch is very good to bat on and there is no reason why we can't get a substantial lead if the batsmen apply themselves.This pitch is tailor made for the likes of Azhar, Misbah and Asad.
Great performance from the bowlers as usual , now comes the real test. Can Pakistan score 220 plus?
The pitch will turn last two days , If Pakistan can get a solid lead here , SA will be under pressure.
Well talk about getting them fast... well done to all the bowlers. Getting amla was awesome by irfan who is making a good case for a test bowler. time for the ultimate test... the batting unit.
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