Pakistan vs Bangladesh| Asia Cup Final | Dhaka | 22/3/12 | Bangladesh' Innings

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Oct 29, 2009
I am pretty confident for pakistan to win it from here.
Our bowling will bowl them out.
How many of you think.
I assume BD total will be between 190-215...
predict your scores:dav
Not me.

Bangla are favourites - this score is 50 runs short.

It's a pressure game so who knows if Bangladesh may fold but most of thier batsmen are in good form.
easy win, its only bangladesh no disrespect but we will probably win by a good margin.
kind of bowling pak has , should be easy task to KO Bangla .. :jinx :jinx
Pakistan will inshaAllah win it.

Bangladesh won't even make 200.
it will be a tough one. We need to get Tamim early and control Nasir/Shakib. Target BD: 210 all-out
Misbah knows Bangla well.. minnow tactician basher... he'll win this
Bangladesh v Pakistan | Asia Cup Final | Dhaka | Mar 22, 2012 | Bangladesh Innings

237 to get in 50 overs - Can Pakistan do this?
Early wickets are the key, if we can get Tamim out first up, Bangladesh will be under pressure, also Misbah must be smart and have attacking fields
have to take 2 early wickets one of them should be tamim

then its gona be a easy win
Need to get Tamim early cause once he goes all the pressure will be on the middle order and InshaAllah they will crumble
This being their first final, here's hoping they fold under pressure - but we really need those early wickets from Prof and Gul.
Pacers need to get us 2 or 3 early wickets only then ajmal and co can do some miracle.
Inshallah Bangladesh will give it their best, win or lose I am with them for their effort :amla
except for shahadat
This is just not like Bangladesh batting very good through out the Asia Cup.
Mark my words Bangladesh all out before 170 :ajmal
20 runs atleast too many.:ajmal:gul:afridi will be too hot to handle.I see them 180 all out
Didn't see the first inns, did Bangla bowl well or were we lazy?

And we will need early wickets to put em under pressure, remember Bangla have never played in final before, this is the biggest match they have played in.
Thankfully our bowling is our strong point.

We need Gul and Ajmal to fire and win us the game, we have runs on the board to defend.
BD made around this much last time they played against us, so this is within their reach. Need Gul to bowl another splendid spell.
I think Misbah should give Hafeez 10 overs upfront, take Tamim's wicket and contain Bangladesh, early pressure is important
Chasing in a final brings added pressure, put another 20 runs on the total.

The ball seems to come on better under lights but it will be a tough chase for Bangladesh. If Tamim fails they will struggle, if he plays a blinder they have a chance.

60/40 Pakistan.
Bangla will chase this in 46.4 overs with 7 wickets down.... ;-) ajmal 4 wickets.
the start is obvioulsy crutial but tamim scores that will give bangla the start they need ,

i feel bangla have the edge ,
bangla is going down boys....get readdddy for pakistan bowling....bangla are not good when chasing under pressure. we will see how good bangla realy is.. if chased down and won then good for the game of cricket because cricket need good teams...
236 is a below-par total

I feel that Pakistan will have to bowl BD out to win. would be extremely difficult to defend this modest score.

We all like to slate (and not without good reason) Misbah for his apparent inability to rotate the strike but what about Afridi? He just never takes responsibility or learns from his mistakes. Afridi just can't resist the temptation to play unnecessary airy shots. That is his undoing in almost every game!

Today Afridi looked in reasonably good nick and knowing very well that there're no batters left after him, he should have looked to play along the ground and & bat out the 50 overs and we might even have reached 260+/- (judging by how well the tail wagged today). But no he still got out in predictable fashion

Odds favour a BD win
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I wouldn't open with Hafeez. Hit bangladesh with pace early on. Then turn to the spinners when the wickets are tumbling and runs are choking. Our pacers have tended to bowl well against Bangladesh so I'd try them both with the new ball.
pakistan need to take misbah out of the team asap. Afridi shoud be made captain along side hafeez vc. time for younis and misbah to stick to test teams. i dont wana see these 2 players again please. time for asad, umar, hamaad, azhar ali to come into the odi set up.
first ten overs will we crucial for both teams! so far good bowling by Pakistan
Gul has beaten nazim on the first three balls fo this over
Is cheema an old ball specialist really? Thought he was suited to the new ball. Isn't it worth trying him out opening with the new ball?
This is the time to bring on Cheema now, the ball is talking. Will he keep Hafeez on?
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