Pakistan vs Ireland | T20 WC Super8 | OVAL | 15/06/09 [IRE Inns]

Aamir to bowl the first over again ... hopefully a better start than last game!
here goes our team


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Poor umpring! Looks like pakistan bowlers need to take the stumps out to take a wicket!
obrien is a tough player....he good at singles and fours...

need pace pace to clean up this village team
will have to bowl and field really well, despite any rhetorics re: village team or spinners creating havoc
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Good bowling by Aamir, earned that wicket with two really good lead-up balls.
Good lad, a typical so needed Fast bowling from the kid, inshallah keep it up, how dare you walk down the track to me, you gotta blv in you even when you are 17 or 19, well done.
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