Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 2nd ODI | Dubai | 20/12/13 | Sri Lanka Innings

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Azlan Khan

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Aug 30, 2010
A target of 285 is set by Pakistan.

Can Sri Lanka chase this down to level the 5 Match Series, 1-1?
Crazy wind down here in dubai and that should neutralize any dew effect !

We've got this in the bag !
They should get the spinners on early to counter any dew that comes later.

A good total to defend on this ground.
Hopefully Dew dont Play Role in This match
OtherWise Pakistan match to lose
IMO we could have used 30 more runs. Not a bad total though.

It was difficult to score in the early and mid overs with the ball not coming onto bat. Shezhad and misbah made a fight of it at around 4.40-4.50 run rate. Misbah and afridi's quickfire partnerhip saw Pakistan finishing at a very good competitive total on this wicket. Remember this is not sharjah wicket so i believe this total is good.

But we must ball much better than last match especially the fast bowlers. Our spinners once again will be the key.
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Once again for us to win we must get kushal perera, dilshan, sangakhara, matthews out early and not allow those tail enders to put up a rearguard action.
Why the hell could we not drop tanvir ? This trundler will prove costly again. This is where misbah gets it very wrong.
I will never get this strategy of opening with Hafeez. GIVE JUNAID THE NEW BALL
you know a player is bad when even Ramiz Raja is bashing him before he even bowled a ball
Bad captaincy from Misbah again by opening bowling with Mohammad Hafeez.
I am glad Hafeez did not call for review there. I am always worried about him and Afridi getting over excited.
With Tanveer and Hafeez opening the bowling for us, there is very little chance of getting early breakthrough. Very negative approach this.
Junaid doesn't get the new ball thanks to a crap bowler like Tanvir :facepalm:
Tanvir please do everyone a favor and kick yourself out of the team
What is the best way to not take a wicket with the new ball?

Give the ball to Tanvir and Hafeez.
The reason why Tanvir is favoured by Misbah is seems to be Misbah's defensive strategy. A bowler that can contain the batsmen to some extent is good enough.

Wicket taking bowlers is not necessary according to misbah.
That was a bad ball driven for four. Tanveer never deserves to open the bowling for us.
Tanvir ruining built up pressure as always. How bad can one bowler be?
Please kick out Tanvir and bring someone else in. Anwar or Haris
Easy sailing for Sri Lanka so far. Tanveer and Hafeez not bothering them at all.
Why the hell can't we be more orthodox and give Junaid and Bilawal the new ball for a change?
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