Pakistani Bat Stickers


Jul 4, 2010
Salam Guys,

Would anyone be able to tell me where to get bat stickers of Pakistani brands from such as BoomBoom or maybe AS or CA?

I have just returned from the homeland to UK and bought a plain bat from Katchery Bazar in Faisalabad. Wanted to do some customising on it myself.

Any replies appreciated.
Walikiumasalam Bhai,

Welcome to PP and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Bhai, I don't think they sell the stickers, it is also not possible to get them made because you'd be making stickers which is a legal entity, hence, it is illegal to do that.

So due to legal reasons and authenticity reason stickers are not sold in the market.

Hope it helps!
Thanks for all your replies guys, really helped Jazakallah.