South Africa v Australia | 1st Test | Centurion | Day 3 | 14 February 2014

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Apr 16, 2006
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Third day. Mitchell Johnson is winning the battle of the pacers.

South Africa start the day on 140/6, trailing Australia by 257. AB de Villiers (52*) is South Africa's main hope, and he'll need support from Robin Peterson (10*), Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel.

Australia and Mitchell Johnson will hope to wrap up the innings quickly.
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Hopefully Johnson can break them in the first hour-ideally quickly
Johnson to steam in and break the tail. Bruise their ribs and scare them for the whole tour.
Peterson gone quickly as expected. Johnson's first fivefer in South Africa
ABCD has to take a few risks here,the tail won't last too long against johnson.
Partnership 14 runs , SA would like this to carry on and eat into Aussies lead here.
Great batting by AB but its great to see him out. Good use of the slower ball
Both Johnson and Richie Benaud have 248 test wickets for Australia
This lead is going to be decisive on this pitch. SA is going to be chasing 400+ which is probably impossible on this pitch.
7fer for Johnson and now the 7th all time Australian test wicket taker
Behind Warne, McGrath, Lillee, Lee, McDermott and Gillespie
Massive lead for Aussies, S.A will need to bowl Aussies out for less than 100 here, which they have done before to stay in this test match. I wonder what Aussies approach will be in 2nd inns. Will they be aggresive and try and Bat S.A out of the game.
The psychological edge that Johnson had over England, has continued against SA as well. From now on they'll be in survival mode against Mitch, exactly what England tried to do.
Johnson is on a hattrick. Good chance against Smith and Peterson
Be careful Rogers. The old cliché about old cricketers is you are only two bad games away from being dropped.
Aussies just need 100 runs to take the Test. No one is chasing 300 on an up-and-down pitch against Johnson.

Siddle and Harris look a different class to Johnson (in a bad way).
Well I believe after one failure Africans will bounce back so a target around 400 might test Africans considering weather and chasing factors and not forgetting the Johnson factor
Mitchell Johnson, just wow! Can dale Steyn respond? Not a bad start getting a wicket first ball. Australia are so far in front of this game, they really should win.
Australia on their way to number 1 in the world. It's more enjoyable chasing the top dog than being the top dog and being chased yourself.
Australia on their way to number 1 in the world. It's more enjoyable chasing the top dog than being the top dog and being chased yourself.

What would an English fan know of that?
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