The Ashes | 5th Test | Sydney | Day 5 | 7/1/11

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Dec 13, 2009
last day of the ashes series . England need just 3 wickets to win this series 3-1 .
Game should be over in 1st hour or so me thinks.
light rain shower is fore-casted . Is rain going to save the aussies ?
light rain shower is fore-casted . Is rain going to save the aussies ?

Not even Zeus himself could save us.

Congrats to England, on this showing their stated aim of being number 1 in the world is a realistic goal. We should aim to be 4th....

A measure of how much England have dominated this series can be seen in a combined XI. Hussey would displace Colly and Harris arguably would displace Finn/Bresnan. That's it.
wow look at the support for England....the whole barmy army is there at the ground.... I can hardly see any aussie fans.....

This is the best time to wear an England jersey and head to the ground....will be huge celebration by english fans after this ....esp the girls :p
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I think this is the smuggest Botham has been since forever. WHY Australia did you do this to me?
Damn you Australia :facepalm:, during the series, all the time i felt i am supporting Pakistan :(
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Congratulations England. Great pefromance throughout and dominated Australia. :14:
Congratulations England. Well deserved series win.
It hurts but well played England :((thats all i can say for now :|)
game over, ashes finished, urn returns to England, hence, thread is being closed
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