wanting to buy GM Epic 101 kashmiri willow


Feb 19, 2012
Hey guys im new to this forum and as you can in my profile picture i am in
favor of GM and GM only.I am 12 years old and i want to buy the EPIC 101
kashmiri willow bat.It is size 3 i want to buy and if not EPIC then it should at least be the ICON.please guide me which bat to buy if not EPIC please
tell me a bat which is in the range of Rs.2000 because this is my range and i love to play with the exact size for me.
guys please help me because i am going to buy it as soon as you tell me. my academy is stated but i am the only 1 without a bat.please help me.....
Go for Epic...has a much better middle..of course not sure how the Kashmir willow version of the bats are..but I would pick Epic over Icon..