4th ODI: Rawalpindi - England Innings - discussion and scorecard

the only way pakistan will win is to get wickets on this score. they need to just attack non stop
if Pakistan gets 2 wickets within 100 runs , 2 more wickets and pakistan have a real chance
93.6mph ball bowls Solanki!!!!! The local hero strikes!!!!
if we get flintoff cheap we will win. COMEON U BS!!!! get another wicket damn it, ur the Wounded tigers of Pakistan
Sheer pace-Rana takes crefit for this...softening up Solanki the over before!
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas, this is great. I doubt they've got anybody who can do an Inzi and bat right through so they'll have to hit their way out of this I reckon
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Pak starting off really well here. A few good length balls to Flintoff, then the big yorker now!!!
Trescothik is also an important wicket here. This is not a huge total so if he bats for 30 overs or so then he will prob win it for Eng.
Now that Pak are in it....its time for Inzi to OUT THINK England with field placement and bowling changes. Interesting next 10 overs ahead.