Australia v South Africa | 2nd Test - Day 3 | MCG | 28/12/08

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Oct 11, 2008
Around an hour to go till the start, S Africa 196 behind on 1st inns with 3 wkts left. Australia would be looking to finish the inns quickly and get a lead of around 400 by the close.
come on Duminy....bat till lunch and score another 100 runs
Duminy is South Africa future. I saw him play many fantastic inning in S.A
Lee is off ground...he has a problem with his foot so thats good news for SA and me
Nathan Bracken on. Ball spun a little. a slow gentle off cutter
SA 224-7 - trail by 170
Now Clarke on
Plenty of boundaries so far!


50 up for the lefty....
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Harris down the wkt and smacks Michael clarke for 4 down the ground. Start of a good fightback maybe, Australia's lead under 150 now.
Hussey to bowl. an edge first ball but slip is standing too far back. more like a short 3rd man
Johnson take a good catch over his head to dismiss Harris, Hussey the bowler
Harris GONE

Tries to smack Hussey out of the ground but didnt get enough of it and Johnson running back gets a good catch

First test wicket for Hussey, brain fart from Harris
Harris out ct at deep mid on. ct by MJ. Hussey gets first test wicket
SA 251-8
players having some Nido and lassi
Aha.. these guys are real tough cookies. Harris is gone. Let us see how long before they get bowled out.
Good fielding from Ponting, very quick pick-up and throw but Styen just makes it back
Steyn has a highest score of 82 in S.A's domestic league and no mug with the bat.

Looks good against the quickies but not so comfortables against turn
New ball due in a bit.............Duminy may hav to go for it now

Dont think Steyn will survive that new ball

4 from Steyn 258-8
S/Africa have added 62 runs in the 1st hour for loss of Harris's wkt
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itduzz said:
hes as fast as 99.9% of Indian phaasht bowlers..... :)))
LOL, there was a thread on another forum saying MS Dhoni bowled faster than Irfan Pathan in the over he bowled at the end of the last test. :)))
On_the_up said:
LOL, there was a thread on another forum saying MS Dhoni bowled faster than Irfan Pathan in the over he bowled at the end of the last test. :)))

I know :))
Siddle bowling just short of 140kph, reminds me of Craig McDermott in appearance and bowling action.
Ponting made a huge mistake taking the new ball.

Steyn is a decent batsman against pace bowling but very weak against spin.

Ponting has not done his homework and underestimated Steyn's ability to bat
Aus bowling standards have gone down so rapidly....With Mcgrath/Warne they used to skittle the tails so easily especially warne...Aus have thrown away the advantage today...
The South Africans have twice caught the aussies by surprise in this series by scoring runs at a really rapid rate when under the pump. They did it in the 2 innings at perth and they have done it now as well. Though to give Ponting some slack, the loss of Lee has not helped matters but his field placings have been defensive today and at times his captaincy is really mind boggling.
LightSpeedGT said:
Is Super Siddle hitting 150 today?
no he is hardly going over 140. the speeds that I have seen are 136-140. But I only saw speeds in one over
300 is reached.

Lunch is taken.

Monsieur Duminy is lovin it....
On_the_up said:
Siddle bowling just short of 140kph, reminds me of Craig McDermott in appearance and bowling action.

Yes, there is a resemblance. I wonder if he bowls a mean inswinging yorker too.
Where is RA.... :D

BTW...Hussey has as many wickets as Lee in this series :)))
Super session for S Africa, they will be looking to get Australia's lead below 50 runs before this inns is over at the very least. Duminy looks a good player.
5 runs conceded by le keeper - ball hits helmet behind the stumps
Couple of classy strokes by Steyn. MCG - what a setting!

Wow, Test cricket at it's best. S.A used to be my favorite team after India, until the Aussie dominated started in 1999. After almost a decade, once again S.A is my favorite team after India. Go S.A .................
Great bating display by SA tail. Aus star bowlers ( Johnson and siddle) aren't able to take a single wicket so far today.
Brett Lee and Hayden are both in serious trouble, until they manage to do something with the ball and bat respectively very soon.
Ponting drops Steyn - he might be batting with a broken finger by the looks of it
Just get the feeling Steyn is a sitting target now - really needs to retire hurt and get his finger sorted.

I think the end is nigh for SA inngs
Another 30 runs or so, and its honours even.

In fact, any run from hereon is a bonus.


Steyn on his highest ever test score 33*

The French SAffer on 81*
I only planned on watching an hour or so of this game before saying 'night all'.

Gripping stuff is test cricket. Still does it for me

Although 'dog-house' beckons for me in the morning....
South Africans have done really well to reduce the lead as they have done. Some serious question marks have to be asked about Ponting's captaincy. He has led the team for the 5-6 years and he is not new to captaincy.

Ever since Mcgrath, Warne retired he has only been giving signals as if he is totally new to the captaincy.
:))) :))) OMG!!

What did Hussey just do then?

Skied catch - in the air - Hussey under it.

And stands still - the ball drops inches by the side of him.

Aussies are panicking!!!

Total no-show from Brett Lee.

Didnt take the field today.

Man, you gotta see that Hussey 'no-catch'!!! Its hilarious!
Since Boucher got out, S Africa have added another 179 runs for the loss of 2 further wkts.
I think Johnson will mop up the tail - too good for Steyn
I think this game is heading towards a draw. Of course, unlike Aussie batsmen intend to fail in the 2nd innings like they did in the first game.
Steyn must be in serious pain if that finger is broken.

Congrats Steyn for making his highest score against best team :)))
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