CT: Australia vs England, 6th Match, Jaipur, 09:00 GMT[score updates/discussion]


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Aug 28, 2005
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Both teams have lost their opening matches of the CT, India to England and Australia to West Indies. They will be desperate to win this one and it is almost a knockout situation now for both teams. A very crucial game, this should be a good one.

Post all updates here.
And looks like its fireworks from outside the field that may effect the game !

Ashes rivals Australia and England will clash in a battle for survival in their Group A Champions Trophy match tomorrow amidst deafening blasts, choking air and poor visibility at Jaipur on the day India celebrates Deepavali, the festival of lights. Firecrackers will be banned from the Sawai Man Singh stadium, the match venue, but it is likely to be engulfed in a thick blanket of smoke from those let off in adjoining areas
Thanks for that, MIG bhai. Was it necessary to put the time, though? :))
:D - Bhai - the amount of posts that you will see in there asking for when it starts is amazing!

But a cracker of a game though - England want to show the world that they can score more than 125, Aus would like to keep England in their place !
For some strange reason, I belive England are going to suprise the Aussies here. Expect a Pietersen special.
Barmy Army, Barmy Army, Barmy Army, Barmy Army!

Come on England, Come on England, Come on England

En-ger-land, En-ger-land, En-ger-land

I'm pumped up now. Nothing gets better than an England v Australia. In the words of the channel 4 promotion last year, BRING IT ON.
Australia have won the toss and will field first.

Freddie is not bowling, Gilchrist can take it a little easy, eh? ;-)

Australia team

AC Gilchrist, SR Watson, RT Ponting, DR Martyn, A Symonds, MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey, MG Johnson, B Lee, NW Bracken, GD McGrath

England team

AJ Strauss, IR Bell, A Flintoff, MH Yardy, KP Pietersen, PD Collingwood, JWM Dalrymple, CMW Read, SI Mahmood, SJ Harmison, JM Anderson
Lee to start.

Bang on target first ball, moves a bit of the pitch first ball to Strauss.
England of the mark with a wide.

If Bracken isn't taken to the cleaners here i'm going to be mighty ******.
Agree. Bracken always pisses me of, he's just one of those players.
Why is McGrath not getting the new ball here? Nonsensical stuff here.
the way eng is playing they wil score 50 runs in 50 overs... come on guys u can do better then that
I don't care what the run rate is in these first ten overs as logn as we don't lose any wickets. Even if we are only 20/0 after 10 overs we still have 10 wickets in teh bag to boost the scoring rate. We just need to see Lee and Bracken off, play a bit a more aggressively against McGrath so he can't settle and then take Mitchell :))))) Johnson to the cleaners.
Easa said:
Why is McGrath not getting the new ball here? Nonsensical stuff here.
he didn't last game either. Probably because they want someone experienced bowling with a a younger bowler in power play instead of using half the overs of two experienced bowlers in first 10 overs
Good shot by Bell to get the first 4.

I read that McGrath has averaged over 40 in his last 10 or 15 games. Still keeps it tight, but it appears Ponting wants a more wicket taking option
Bell looks in good form here, clipped of his legs for 4. Poor delivery.
McGrath comes into the attack and is pulled away. :))
Now another 4 of McGrath, this one hit over the top.
What's with the swearing, Evertonfan? Getting a bit excited.. :p
He's back in the groove now. The 2 looseners gone for 4. The next ones bang on target.
On another note, shows how useless Bracken is without the conditions in his favour.
Easa said:
What's with the swearing, Evertonfan? Getting a bit excited.. :p

We've put on our highest opening stand in an ODI since 1703; Of course i'm excited. :p
Good start so far

Hoping for a convincing England win :11:
I really do hope that Bell can get at least a 50 today. A good score today will work wonders for his confidence and self-belief.

As I type, he hits McGrath for 4. Come on Belly!
Great shot dfrom Bell, advancing down the pitch and it's another 4 off Glenn
McGrath has been looking impotent in this series, he just gets hit for another 4 by Bell 35/0
Bell again is England's rock. He's performing so well and consistantly in LOIs. Sports Personality of the year ;-)
If England send Australia home today, all of a sudden ODIs will matter to the English fans and media :p
age has finally caught up with mcgrath. Mcgrath needs some of his aggressiveness and arrogance back
I hate to say that I told you so, but I told you so

McGrath is finished
UJ said:
I hate to say that I told you so, but I told you so

McGrath is finished

Lets play Australia and beat the stuffing out of him. Revenge for the 8/24 he took last year :12:
Sorry this is late guys, but I was reading this on Guardian OBO and just had to post it;

Guardian said:
6th over: England 28-0 (Strauss 11, Bell 15) Glenn McGrath, aged 172, is replacing Bracken and his first ball - which clocks in at about 14mph - is dismissed contemptuously through midwicket by Strauss. He didn't time it, but it sneaked to the fence and it's an important statement of intent against a bowler who England think is well past his sell-by date. The next ball is even worse, short and wide, and Strauss slaps it up and over for four, like a chippy youth goading an old man on a bus. The rest of the over is robotically accurate, but then at 22mph it needs to be.

HAHA!! Damien Martyn has been taking catching lessons from his skipper. :p
Neat shot by Strauss. We don't need Johnson and Watson when McGrath and Bracken are bowling twice as bad as them. :D

Just wait for the collapse boys, it'll be here soon and then normal service is resumed.

Bell! Bell! Bell! Bell! Get this man a knighthood now!
Here's a reminder for all us English fans;

No matter what score we make, the Aussies have Sajid Mahmood to bowl at them. ::J
Elan Tedronai said:
actually it's ian bell who is dreaming. Smashing mcgrath all over the place :)

I agree. Bell definitley deserves a Knighthood for 'Services to McGrath spanking'. :p
Luck be an Englishman tonight. If we get to 100 without loss i hope Bell and Strauss are knighted.