Difference Between Indian Mens Gloves and UK Mens Gloves

Cover Drive

Senior ODI Player
Aug 12, 2009

So just wanted to create a topic to help those who really don't know much of difference as they might have not experienced it.

So anyways I have H4L LE gloves and SS Millennium Pro gloves and both are exactly same looking, manufacturer etc so I have tried my best to show you guys the difference in pictures;



I think the big question here is, why did you buy 2 of the exact same gloves? :))

Because I like the palm on H4L gloves, although both gloves have pittards but the pittard on SS is a bit cheaper one hence gloves are also cheap but on H4L its different.
"Difference Between Indian Mens Gloves and UK Mens Gloves"

Indian Mens Gloves only perform well on flat batting tracks.
What about the sizes CD? I thought the majority of Indian men's gloves were smaller?
They are mate that's what the pictures are showing, I guess I was lazy bump not to explain it properly lol.

Not sure if people know Indian Mens size is equivalent to UK Small Mens