England v Pakistan | First Test | Day 2 : Session 1 | Trent Bridge | 30/07/10

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Oct 13, 2009
Surprised the match thread hasn't been created yet, lol, looks like a lot of people aren't looking forward to this then? :D

Hopefully our boys have a better day out there today, we need to get Collingwood and Morgan early. It was a similar situation in the Second Test vs Australia when Ponting and Clarke looked very threatening and a lot of people thought they had taken the game away from us, both the next morning we came and got Ponting early.. (and Clarke fell soon later in the day after making 77).

Pakistan Zindabad!
I second the story of Australia's 2nd innings. Look forward to this battle. Anyone knows how the weather forecast is for today?
Pakistan need a miracle and 6 cheap wickets this morning.

With prior, Broad, Swann still to come. I cant see it happening am afraid!
AJ, yaar, we haven't even batted yet. I wouldn't predict the result until we finish batting :D
Ideally we need to be batting before lunch but realistically with a two man attack it will be probably be around tea time. Kaneria needs to be given one end and told show what you can do as this is your last chance and rotate the seamers at the other end. Please no malik and the like today...
AJ, yaar, we haven't even batted yet. I wouldn't predict the result until we finish batting :D

when it comes to our batting its predictable! Even the man from katmandu will tell you we will not pass 300 ;-)
AJ, yaar, we haven't even batted yet. I wouldn't predict the result until we finish batting :D

Game isnt over, but we need to bowl England out before lunch to try and get back into it!
Light rain is forecast for today, according to the BBC weather prediction service

I completely forgot this test match started yesterday and I missed the whole first day :))
Salaam valaikum everyone. Looking forward to a much better day at the office for our boys. Ideally, England gets bowled out under 400. And Pakistan end the day on 201/2. :D
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Good morning, ladies and gents!

We really need some consistent and disciplined bowling up front this morning, I don't think England can withstand that the pressure from our bowling attack if we get it right.
To bat MJ Prior†, GP Swann, SCJ Broad, JM Anderson, ST Finn

Some dangerous batsmen headed our way - it could go either way really, but at the end of the day, it'll go down to our batsmen and how well they can handle the pressure and conditions
i hope collingwood gets a bouncer to the head. tht will make up for yesterday.
"Bored at work! Wonder what the odds are of there being a wicket in the first over?" wonders Stuart. "We usually lose one very early!" Well, Pakistan will certainly hope so. They unravelled completely in the evening session and will be desperate for some inspiration.
Asif starts like yesterday. Gets the same result. 4
Is Morgan the best Number 6 test-batsman in the world?
Have to dismiss them for under 400 to still be in the game.....anything more than that, and given our inexperienced batting, and england would have batted Pakistan out of the game.

No worries though, its a long series, i think Pakistan will find themselves in positions to win some of the upcoming test matches.

A good attitude from the players and fighting spirit will make me happy.
it might be too early to say but looks like england are on thier way to make 550 or even 600 !

looks like our bowlers are only good in teh firts 20 overs after that they forget how to bowl!
That last ball from aamer was a peach/jaffa/ call it whateva it was a beauty !!
Aamir's economy rate up until now has been phenomenal. I just hope it stays that way.
We will get a wicket in the next 10 minutes Inshallah.
Pakistan have to make this pressure count with wickets here!
Colly will be gloating after the comments he made about our bowling attack ! :pissed:
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