England vs Australia | 5th ODI | Lords | 3/07/10

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Oct 11, 2008
Australia having broken their duck in this series should be going into this match with the upper hand. Also will look to go into the Pakistan series with some form behind them.
Match starts in just over half an hour.
Are we playing another series or something?
yeah later on against pakistan ... first lets aussie finish this 5 match series on a losing note
What is going on?

Australia have played the short ball like a bunch of Asian flat track bullies during this one day series.
i have seen shane watson got out like that few times .. he chose the wrong ball to pull it ..

113/4 in 31.2 overs
Bresnan is back into the attack, he's got two overs left and has bowled well so far today
Hussey and Smith partnership 50 off just 25 balls

Smith out to Broad

5 balls left of the Aus innings
Hussey gone

Broad gets his 4th wicket

Anderson takes the catch

79 off 60 balls for Hussey :14:
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277 is a fantistic total considering the position they were in at one stage.
England | 0/3 | 1 Over | England need 275 runs to win from 49 overs
England | 0/5 | 2 Overs | England need 273 runs to win from 48 overs
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