England vs India | 3rd Test | Birmingham | Aug 10-14 | Day 1

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Apr 25, 2011
Well I'm looking forward to this match!

Will Tendulkar get his 100th 100?
still 3 hours to go!

Sri Lanka vs Australia match starts an hour before!
Match is going ahead.

It's a result wicket, quite green. It should suit the seamers.

Win the toss and bowl first is the way to go.
Match is going ahead.

It's a result wicket, quite green. It should suit the seamers.

Win the toss and bowl first is the way to go.

India won the toss in the first 2 matches, fielded first and managed to get pasted.
The forecast is light rain in the first 2 days.

Green wicket + Overcast weather + New Ball = PERFECT for SWING
Michael Vaughan: England to go 3-0 up

Not even the return of Virender Sehwag is likely to change India's fortunes as we move on to Edgbaston. England will like the conditions and we have to back them to carry on winning.

Tim Bresnan is expected to keep his place with Chris Tremlett still out injured and he's a great player to have as cover. I always felt that the early criticism about him carrying a bit too much weight was slightly unfair. He's a big, strong lad who's never going to be wafer thin but if there were any concerns from the England management that he was carrying a bit too much timber, he certainly dealt with them and looks a superb athlete these days.

He bats, bowls and fields and is right up there with the handiest numbers 8s in the Test game. He's fortunate in that he's come into a super-confident, successful team who's on a winning run and that's the best possible environment to be in when you're still relatively new to this level of the game.

For India Virender Sehwag returns but there are plenty of other changes enforced through injury. Sreesanth could be dangerous at Edgabston but RP Singh has been out of Test cricket for a while, I think England have learnt how to play Praveen Kumar by now and all in all, I'd be surprised to see India take 15 wickets in the match, let alone 20.

The wicket at Edgbaston could be a little different to what we normally get there.The indications are that it will be a flat wicket with little or no pace in it and that should mean that Graeme Swann ends up having more work to do than he did in either of the first two Tests.

There's rain forecast and there could be some moisture in the air so the captain who wins the toss may decide to have a bowl. That said, because of the way things have gone so far in the Series, MS Dhoni may decide that batting first and posting a big total is his best chance of winning the match. We'll have to wait and see what the conditions are like.

Irrespective of how exactly the game pans out, there's no denying that various injuries and the fact some big players are going through an indifferent run of form means India aren't exactly in a particularly good place right now. England are the more settled team and confidence is sky high in the camp just now. We have to carry on showing faith in England @ 2.5.

Edgbaston is normally a result wicket and having predicted that we'd have a result by the end of the evening session on Day Four in the Second Test, I'm sticking with that same bet again, this time at 7.0.

I hope Sehwag is in the mood. Always exciting to watch him in murderer mode.
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Can't wait for this Test to begin, so far has been been quality camera work and excellent bowling and batting by England.
If India do win the third match then a bowler needs to stand out, i wonder who can do the impossible job for India? have never seen their new spinner, maybe he can play a crucial role, have no expectation from ishant though.
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Finally a good attack, first day morning, under good conditions, on green pitch!
England bowling on a green top, hope Sehwag goes for a Andaa.
This is what we've been waiting for all summer. India batting first on a green top. Hopefully the game is all over bar the shouting by lunchtime......
lol at the doom mongerers. Not surpised one bit though.
"Teams winning the toss have won four and lost eight of the 15 Tests at Edgbaston since 1995. However, interestingly, teams fielding first have won ten and lost just two matches in the same period. This includes Australia's two-run defeat in 2005."

Sachin to score his 100th ton on a greentop.

wait..wut. :sachin
Here's another interesting factoid: On the last occasion Tendulkar played at Edgbaston, he scored 122 in the second innings. India lost that Test by eight wickets. He is the only Indian to score a century at this venue.


Check the bold part.
No captain would ever say anything like that at the toss. Plus, seeing how Sehwag normally bats he hardly is ever bothered by pressure.

how about not saying anything? Atherton didn't ask him if Sehwag was under pressure or not...
If that was Mukund, he'd been walking back right now. :))
Sehwag you cheat hahahahha..

how did he think they'll miss it :)))



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