ICL | Lahore vs Mumbai | Panchkula | 21/03/2008


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Feb 6, 2006
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Lahore won the toss and batting.

6/0 in 0.4 overs.
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21/0 in 2 overs.

21/1 in 2.1 overs..... nazir gone!
30/2 in 2.2 overs - Humyun is gone.
Hasan Raza with a four past the bowler and then lapates one for a six
Lahore 50-2 after 5.2 overs
Raza started the tournament with two golden ducks but is on fire today. Hit 19 off the 20 runs of the over
Lahore 60-2 after 6
I was watching 2 then they put a sign on it and now I have switched to 3
Raza with a six and four off Karpro
Lahore 99-3
Hassan Raza can score a 100 if keeps going at this rate.
98 not out off 58 balls, just misses out on the 100 but great knock! He sure made up for the two crap innings he played before this, well done, saved the Badshaas, at one stage 187 seemed unlikely but well played.
I think they should make this XI play against the actual Pakistan XI. Bowlingwise this team looks better on paper.
batsman bowled by Mushi. earlier this over Mushi dropped a c&b
Mumbai 75-4 - need 113 off 64 balls
Sami Shuttle 120 134 135 137 124 (W)
batsman bowled
Mumbai 77-5
next ball 140
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Hasan Raza drops a catch at boundry but Mushi gets a wicket 1-2 balls later. batsman bowled
Mumbai 79-6
M Sami bowling around 140 KPh( i think its a lot more than 140 because the speed gun seems wrong)
this is what the actual pakistan team should be doing. thrashing all internatinal teams.

the badshahs seam to be playing as a team and enjoying it and playing with no pressure.

if only our national team played like this. thats why the idea of lawson's to get a phsyc in is a good one.

i would bet my house on badshahs on winning the icl this year and for many more years to come. they making pakistan proud of them.
sami bowling at some pace today. some good slowers also.

the speed machine dont look right
are their any links available to see this match ..many thanks .
batsman bowled by Rana
Mumbai 137-7 - need 51 off 1 ball
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another easy win.

they are excellent in all three departments.

the pakistani's have this in the bag inshallah
The Baadshahs are the only team full of all ex-internationals and most of these guys have played with each other in the same most of their lives, They are bound to be the best.
This tournament seems to be going well for PK, I have always felt that Raza is a lot more sound than most other batsmen but he doesn't have any confidence at the internatioanal level. Hopefully bashing non-entities in the ICL will alow him to get his MOJO back.
whats so good about this team is that it seems like its a different batsman each time. Inzi and Latif in first match, nazir in another, the farhat brothers in third and today it was Hasan Raza's turn.

semis is the only chance anyone has of beating them cause its a one-off.
this team is a personification is what Pakistan cricket is all about. or shud i say was all about. Coach Moin Khan i believe is the master mind behind thsi team and who is from Wasim/ Imran school of cricket.
yeah ..what are you guys "high-five"-ing about exactly...beating a bunch of galli teams filled with 8 or 9 noobs?..with a team filled with ex-international players..lol...rejoice!!...bring out the champaigne!