India vs Holland | Group B | WC' 11 | Delhi | 09/03/11

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Mar 9, 2010
The match begins in one hour.

Should be an easy match for India.

India should try Ashwin and Nehra in this match.
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This should be the game India experiment before the big game against SA.

Expecting another clattering carnage if India bat first.
Easy match? No such terms in WCs mate. Better take all opposition seriously rather than regret later. We already have had one lesson in the past and a wake up call last match. So go all guns blazing India!
Can Tendo pull off a shock defeat? dont think so but would be nice if he made runs!
This is something that could heal the pain of the loss yesterday, Lets go Netherlands!
Wish both the team all the best, india needs to look afteer its bowling before knock out games starts... batting is just too goood. Netherland quite compeitive but still long way to go for them.
Dhoni at the toss

"We would have wanted to bat first, since this pitch will slow down as we go. We wanted to bring Nehra in, so Munaf is being left out. Piyush Chawla stays. Compared to Ashwin, Chawla needs more practice so we decided to play him today. Ashwin is mentally stronger, and it doesn't matter against whom he comes in, he will do well."
An absolutely dead wicket in Delhi, getting baked under the scorching sunshine.
I'm with holland for the first half. The more they make,the better coz indian batting is the thing to watch. Wil be happy if we contain them to 280
Slow but solid start by the Dutch. India should chase down a total of 200 odd later...
Dhoni Lol.

Via Cricinfo:

D Shah: "Haaa! Just before the wicket-ball, Dhoni said .."Idhar aaja, yeh badmaash lagg raha hai" (Come here, this guy seems to be a naughty one) LoL.. the stump mic's are awesome!"
even though it's only holland, good show by India's much-maligned bowlers on a track Gavaskar described as a 'national highway.'
Two consecutive sixes.. Shades of Ross Taylor!
just put on the game to watch some hitting in the BPP :D

I know Borren & Bukhari are big hitters :inzi :afridi
I don't get this from Dhoni... why not give Zaheer full 10 overs? Does he wanna chase a 200 plus total and is helping Netherlands?
Indian bowling down right horrible they just have so many short comings from not being good enuff to not being able to finish off the minnows and on and on...
189 all out... Should have bought Zaheer earlier on...
But still India to win by 9 wickets.
That's the only explanation I can see... But that sort of indicates that you are underestimating the other team...

I don't think that is the case, he probably kept going with the spinners because they were doing well enough, and maybe reserving Zaheer's energy for a later spell if needed. The other explanation is that Zaheer is no spring chicken and they just played 2 days ago.
3.6 ten Doeschate to Tendulkar, FOUR, Imperious! And that's 2000 World-cup runs for SRT. First player. He moved forward and lifted a length delivery on the middle-stump line high over mid-on. Both batsmen in some mood today
India getting overconfident here, sending Yousuf Pathan and telling Sehwag to play rash shots. Poor show.

Pride comes before a fall.
Tendulkar must have breathed a sigh of relief after Sehwag's dismissal, who almost ruined the chances of Tendulkar's 47th? ODI century.
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Yousaf coming one down. Good thinking. A bit of firepower at the top when you can afford it. Very nice.
These Netherland boys can Catch, great catch to take outSRT... Ok now buckle down and play safe till the last 30 odd runs dont want any nasty surprises.
India getting overconfident here, sending Yousuf Pathan and telling Sehwag to play rash shots. Poor show.

Pride comes before a fall.
Chill man, it's just the dutch. All work and no play makes indian team look like misbah :)
India getting overconfident here, sending Yousuf Pathan and telling Sehwag to play rash shots. Poor show.

Pride comes before a fall.

dont need to give undue respect to minnows . this is how you play minnows .
like this guy Seelar though , has been impressive even in previous matches ..3 wickets now .
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