India vs New Zealand | 3rd Test | Nagpur | 19-24 November 2010

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Thrashing for New Zealand on its way

Don't see their batting firing like this 3 matches in a row
43/4 with injured McCullum yet to bat
51/5 with injured McCullum yet to bat
Bcci paid off nzcb to lose this game, because losing to NZ at home would be an unmitigated disaster.
Ryder injured as well

2 injured batsmen playing in the middle
NZ 141/7 after winning the toss. it couldn't last forever I guess :(
You have the opposition at your mercy with two players in the middle who can barely walk. What does MS Dhoni, the captain of supposedly the number one side, do ? He puts fielders at the boundary and gifts easy singles! He is among the most defensive captains in world cricket today. His captaincy has not been shown up only because he has a very good side. That will change in the near future.

On a sidenote, I cannot believe Brendon McCullum was not given out to Sreesanth. That was a real shocker.
New Zealand 193 (66.3 ov)

ishant take 4 wickets
ojha take 3 wickets.
sree 2 wickets.
In Hyderabad even the Manual Scoreboard was rubbish and here we have big Digital Scoreboard ..good
I'm becoming sick of Sehwag, he's like an Indian version of Matthew Hayden without the stupid quotations.
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Seems like it would be difficult for NZ to save this match...India should look to make 500...with SRT and Dravid on crease...
Martin sends Laxman's leg stump flying in the air just like Asif did in Karachi.


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last 10 overs RR almost 5 ...4.9 to be precise ....and Dravid up his SR from 34.2 to 43.55 good..
keep the RR 5+ for remaining 2 hours ....this is the Dhoni we know ....Dhoni should play like this only u r good in it ....definitely not a Test quality batsman but this way he can acheive more success with bat ...India will be benefited.....:yahoo:
and that's chauka after 2 overs ...common dhoni its very easy for u get big centuries if u play like this
The last four from Dhoni was awesome!

This ground must be one of the best in India, construction wise? And the outfield is green and fine.
^ yep, looks really nice.

Dhoni get your 100 and start bowling already.
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