Ireland vs Netherlands | Group B | Kolkata |18/03/2011

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National Anthems.

When will these two teams hear it next on a cricket field?
The Irish were dancing to "De Ghuma Ke" - must be the after effect of St Patricks Day :fawad
This should be a close match. I wonder on the coverage in Ireland if the overs count down from 50!!!:)
Netherlands going guns{bit like mine at times**, if the Paddys fire this will be one hell of a match!

If this match is as close as i think it will be, these two teams are why minnows should be on the world stage for the world cup!

...........of Run Outs

Great comeback by the Netherlands in batting but what a funny finish :))) 3 run outs
It took me less then a second to press the mute button as soon as I saw him!

i get really insecure and want to put ear plugs in my ears just because of the fact that its SO DARN EMBARRASSING to hear Azhar talk. It's not that his English isn't good, rather its his analysis. The way he speaks in bits and pieces makes no sense and is irrelevant to the questions asked. He goes off topic and has no clue what he's saying.
Irekand on fire, run rate of 8 or so for the first 10 overs! This might be a cracking match.
Stirling 51 of 28 balls!

86/0 12 overs. Must be getting rid or there St pats day hangovers!
cracking match so far, 131/0 run rate of 6.6 and run rate required 5.8 after 20 overs
This match is way more fun.

Watching it on red button :)
Ireland 157/0 after 23 overs and romping towards this total here!
Ireland 251/3 after 40.4 overs

Wilson has just smashed two sixes in a row!

Ireland should win this.
fantastic run chase by irish men .. hopefully they will not choke and finish the game
Looks like I missed a great match. RTD seems more like SRT everyday...:sachin
Seems like a great match, sadly not much following since both teams have been eliminated.
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