Islamabad Leopards V Peshawar Panthers | FBT20 | Karachi | 28/9/11

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May 6, 2007
First Match of the day.

Looking forward to seeing Umar Gul lead the Panthers!
A few hours to go but feel free to add your comments on the upcoming match.
My man ( :rao) is bowling his heart out (as always). What a legend!
Judging from the evidence brought forward thus far, the Panthers are rather unpantheresque, I am afraid.

Inexperience being shown by Pwr Panthers here.Playing far too many shots after a very good start.
Khanewaal ki jaan, Islamabad ki shaan, Rao Iftikhar Khan, Rao Iftikhar Khan. :rao
Panthers are maintainig a decent run rate inspite of losing three wickes. And their best batsman, Gul, is yet to enter. :)
106/4 after 15 overs

P Panthers have batted well so far.
wow, talk about bananas playing lemons =P
sooo similiar kits -,-

crap commentators :mib
how can sikandar bakht say that "these next 5 overs will decide the game" lol... said it twice
he can say that the next 5 overs might be vital for the game, but not "decide the game"
what? batsman didnt complete the run and ads? .-__-.

ok, looks like I am the only one here...
this looks like spamming, not good.
chup kar ke match dekhta hoon phir...
now it will be tough for leopards to chase the score...

20 runs in last over will cost them the match probably
Riaz Afridi about to explode...and not in the good way either.
Mirpur ka munda achi batting ka muzahira kar raha hai
:pp bossing this game, good captaincy from Gully.
Gul looks in good nick today ... just as I say that he bowls a WIDE.
Nice footwork to the spinner and a SIX ... and now a drop catch for FOUR.
Sajid Ali has brought this game back to life. 47 needed off 4 ... still 5 wickets in hand.
Gul with two wickets in that over, and Peshawar have wrapped up this game.
Nauman Habib picks up his fourth wicket as Leopards are all out for 122. Peshawar Panthers win by 28 runs.
really feel sad for rao, he gives it everything he's got but never finds success, be it domestic cricket or internationals.
He certainly didn't look all that clean.

Nauman Habib unlucky not to be named Man of the Match for his figures of 4/17 ... instead it's awarded to Gul. :gul

habib probably didn't know urdu so gul got it by default :ajmal
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