New Zealand v Pakistan | 2nd Test | Wellington | 19/01/11 | Day 5 | Session 1

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Late thread.

Very sunny out there :O
The players and umpires are out in the middle. The sun is shining with blue skies...
Not a single cloud in the sky. Wasn't there a 90% chance of rain today? :)))
Shocked such a late thread. What I posted on the wrong thread :)

It's been a long day waiting for this. No rain forecast on the BBC weather report. Sunny 22c.

NZ have a pretty decent bowling attack in this kind of situation backed up by good fielders and catchers.

It's all about nerves for Pakistan. Need to come out in arrogant confidence.

asslamulaikum. Nice to be watching with such illustrious company. Wonderful four to start the day
Hafeez don't let me down. if he gets going match will be ours
Martin stopped in the run up.

Scared eh :hafeez
Lol I'm trying to write a German essay while watching the match and posting here- not going well cos I've written a sentance in half an hour :)
'That was an absolute pie, a real rubbish delivery'

Sorry but this commentary is ace. I want these guys to do England games
We must have a minimum 50 run opening partnership. Solid foundation is the key.
Martin trying to do trash talk......not working :hafeez
Wslaam DV and Salaam all.

Prediction for today? Close call yesterday if the catches were taken. :)
Win by 5 wickets. How about you? :)) my prediction couldnt have been more wrong yesterday but its nice to be optimisting.
Pakistan need to play their natural game here and not go into a shell, they will only dig themselves a hole.
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