offical thread - 1st test (day1) w.i v pak @ Barbados [26/5/05]

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Mar 3, 2004
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pakistan go into the 1st test ofthe series in confident mood after winning the odi series 3-0. west indies record @ barbados overall is a good one. however, they have lost the last 4 tests on this ground.

please place all updates to day 1 when game starts.

thanks :)
Umpires: David Shepherd (England) and Darrell Hair (Australia)

not a good sign... just as bad as having eddie nicholls and billy doctrove out there...
Bravo, Bradshaw doubtful for the first Test

West Indies has suffered an early blow ahead of the first Test against Pakistan in Barbados, with injuries to Dwayne Bravo and Ian Bradshaw. Bravo was suffering from an ankle injury, which he sustained during the third one-dayer in St.Lucia. Bradshaw, who was touted to make his Test debut on his home ground, was suffering from a viral infection.

"It's not a serious injury but probably under normal circumstances, (it will take) probably about a seven-day treatment cycle," King was quoted as saying in The Trinidad Express. "As a young person, his (recovery) powers are quite good, so he's made significant progress, but again, we'll know in the morning."

King hinted at a selection outside the 13-man squad. "We haven't got a lot of choices in terms of all-rounders that we can slot into his position but we are exploring options in terms of what we believe will be the best make-up of the side. There's a possibility that someone new could come into the squad and there is a possibility that we could go in with four fast bowlers."

Giving his assessment on Bradshaw, King told CMC Sports, "He has a little bit of viral infection. He went to the doctor yesterday (Tuesday) but it was just precautionary for him sitting out today (yesterday) and we'll make a decision on him tomorrow."

King has also cautioned his team about Danish Kaneria, who is likely to play his first match in the Caribbean. West Indies struggled in the one-dayers against the leg-spin of Shahid Afridi, which leaves Kaneria

"We are putting ourselves in positions where we can still win matches. We've got to make sure that we keep doing that.," King was quoted as saying in The Trinidad Express. "I know the one-day games are different to the Test matches but certainly we got through their order at various times. One of the things that we haven't discounted is the effect of Kaneria. He has a lot threats for us and we are very cognizant of that."

Kaneria, who didn't play in the one-day series, has taken 121 wickets at 29.79 in 26 Tests. However, against the West Indies he has played in two Tests with three wickets at 63 apiece.

Pakistan won their first one-day series in the Caribbean 3-0, leaving West Indies in dire straits and in need of a desperate win in the two-match Test series. "I felt that in two of the Test matches against South Africa we didn't do it and we were right out of those games," King asserted. "We have to make sure that we stay in games as long as we can and hopefully come out on the other side and get some wins on the board. But we've got to make sure our recipe and the all the basics of what we do is right."

King also brushed aside claims made by Saleem Altaf, the Pakistan team manager, that West Indies lacked the real firepower. "I guess if they want to underestimate us, that's their choice but certainly we have been working hard."

Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach, has maintained that his team will take West Indies lightly inspite of whitewashing them in the one-dayers. "Every Test match starts 50-50. I don't care who it is against, whether it's Australia, West Indies or even Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. You've got to go into a Test match thinking that way. The whole point of the game is that you start equal," said Woolmer.

"I have watched Brian Lara as coach of Warwickshire score 500 runs (in an innings) and he got 2,000-odd runs in the season," Woolmer continued. "He is a very fine player and he can take the game away from you. We will bowl the lines and lengths that we hope are necessary to make batting difficult for the West Indies."

On a pitch which is expected to have a little more bounce than the one used for the third Test against South Africa, Woolmer disclosed that his team might expand their bowling line-up. "On a pitch like this where it offers everyone a little bit...I think you've got to go with a balanced attack. I think we're going to go with five bowlers
5 bowlers! Afridi, Rana, Shabbir, Danish and Razzy so Kamal is defo out.
1st Test

*Shivnarine Chanderpaul
+Courtney Browne
Corey Collymore
Fidel Edwards
Chris Gayle
Wavell Hinds
Reon King
Brian Lara
Daren Powell
Ramnaresh Sarwan
Devon Smith

looks like windies will play a 4 man pace attack with the 2 injurys they have!
Bradshaw isnt definately out. We still dont no if he will play.
fair_play said:
Have they announced the Pakistan XI?

will be announced in 45 mins @ the toss... game starts approx 1435
Feedback on Bazid is that dad MJK is travelling in the remote ares of Pakistan, so not able to follow his sons debut probably.

Bazid happy with ODI innings - says he batted very carefully. Was very happy with Younis Khan who encouraged him a lot throughout the innings. All have been good to him so far.

Good to hear youngsters being encouraged and helped. Dropping Butt would be the oppositte of this - after Inzy, he is the first name I would pencil into to a Pakistan batting line-up.

Asim Kamal is young in cricketing terms, and would be the next I would slot in. He has been very Alan Border/Larry Gomes in his approach. With him at number 6, you know he wont give away hsi wicket easily. Compact in defence and in attack - and calm measured temparament to boot.

After these three you pretty much have to slot in the rest. Hopefully, Hassan Raza, will be fighting to keep others on their toes as well.
i shall be back at about 1430 to do commentary.. if asims been dropped then i will boycott the test match!
Amjid Javed said:
i shall be back at about 1430 to do commentary.. if asims been dropped then i will boycott the test match!

I totally agree with you here AJ, dropping Asim Kamal would be an absolute disgrace. It won't be good for Asim's confidence. I simply cannot see why Bazid Khan would be chosen ahead of him.
Amjid Javed said:
i shall be back at about 1430 to do commentary.. if asims been dropped then i will boycott the test match!

Jee AJ mian - you promised to do your match report on day 2 - dont be going back on that Mr. !!
well now Youhanas going, theres no reason 4 u 2 do that Amjid, Asims more than likely 2 b bak
Salman Butt
Yasir Hameed
Younis Khan
Bazid Khan
Asim Kamal

very vulnerable and inexperienced batting lineup and it can crumble against any Inzi..No Yoyo ..No Malik:((

i will satisfied with a draw here!...either Razzaq or Asim Kamal should bat up the order!
Shayan said:
Amjid Javed said:
i shall be back at about 1430 to do commentary.. if asims been dropped then i will boycott the test match!

I totally agree with you here AJ, dropping Asim Kamal would be an absolute disgrace. It won't be good for Asim's confidence. I simply cannot see why Bazid Khan would be chosen ahead of him.

To make a world record of 3 generations. And then if you make Bazid captain in a years time, then you would have 4 cricket captains from the same family Burki, MJK, IK and BK.

What do you say?
west indies win the toss and will bat 1st.

pakistan bowlers get ready!
YK sees it as an opportunity for the youngsters Bazid Khan, Yasir Hameed...

Good to see him still cheerfull..

Bradshaw and Bravo out for Windies.
west indies have no bradshaw and bravo as expected, no yoyo/y khan for pakistan!
That's a relief in a way. Didn't fancy our inexperienced batting line up having first go.
youhana will be missed with inzi out as well.
all the batters left that are eligible get to play. hameed, butt, younis, bazid, kamal, afridi.
razzaq, akmal, rana, shabbir, kaneria to round it off.
waquas_uk said:
so wats the final 11 for pak?

butt, hameed, y khan (c), bazid khan, A kamal, afridi, razzaq, Akmal, rana, shabbir, kaneria
Rana getting some early swing into Gayle :)
Just needs to bowl a good line.

WI off the mark with a noball.

But excellant delivery beating Gayle with extra bounce and swung back in
rana getting early bounce v gayle...

no ball in over

also gayle almost drags on one...

good line to start with...
another NO ball by rana....

he never learns! ***!
gayle smashes rana half volley for 4

w.i 6/0
Pakistan need to apply pressure on Devon Smith who has been in and out of the team...

Shabbir bowls on his pads, away for a single
Seems to be quite a bit of early bounce and life in the pitch, Shabbir extracting it with his extra height but too wide off stump. 81.3mph
Not a good sign at all SHEPARD getting on Shabbirs case in 1st over for running in danger area...
shabbir probing away on a good line here... had gayle in 2 minds most of the time.

w.i 7/0
smith plays rana thru covers

w.i 12/0

wicket looks rock-solid

pakistan bowlers maybe in for along hard day in middle....
Nice cover drive by Smith but only gets two. Not well timed but good placement.
Shabbir with the breakthrough drive by Gayle caught by Razzaq 12-1
gayle smashes a half volley straight at razzaq in the covers...!

w.i 12/1

gud start!
alghazzali said:

:D> :D> yesssssss

sarwan in now.....
very poor shot by gayle, almost didn't bother to hit it properly, taken well by razzaq as it was falling on him a bit.
Shabbir strikes Gayle wasnt comfortable against him.
AJ: That seemed like a half volley to you buddy! It was a good length ball RISING and MOVING AWAY!!!
sarwan off the mark with a flick to leg for 2

w.i tail begins at 7... so pakistan need 2 plug away... and then enjoy some easy wkts!
a shot of youhana in the dressing room area ?
might be taking a later flight home ?
Sarwan has a lot to prove at Test level and will need to work hard here. Bowlers are getting swing and Shabbir getting bounce.
Agree with Gambit no way was that a half volley, Gayle was on the back foot trying to drive a back of length delivery... to early to play that short of shot.

Rana testing Smith with short ball, pulled for 4 easily.
rana smashed for 4 off a long hop

nice shot by smith
Working from home has officially finished :)
So I'm to watch the cricket on the big screen, downstairs :)

Will do a report for 1st days play...
rana still bowling NO balls


w.i 19/1
AJ: You owe BW and apology for the Asim K thingy !!! Cmon be a man - everything isnt what it always seems to be ?
sarwan hits beeray for 4 down ground

w.i 23/1
This test match is as even stevens as it gets!!! Pak is playing with a VERY VERY Inexperienced lineup (with YK as the only truly experienced campaigner) and WI is playing with quite an inexperienced bowling lineup.
Is Shabbir still pelting. I get the impression he is.
Overpitched delivery not punished by Smith. Hit it straight to the fielder and another no ball from Rana!
rana bowling to wide off the stumps.

also to many new balls...

seems hes playing the role of sami today!
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