Pak V WI Test 1 - Day 3 discussion thread [28/5/05]

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Oct 6, 2004
WI 164/4 - Total Lead = 364 !

Ok I know we all fear the worst but could Day 3 be when Pak turn the match on its head ? ( dont bet on it but worth a thought !)

Anyway, place your updates/thougts on todays play in this thread.... Good Luck Pakistan....
I personally think we can and we will (Inshallah) turn this match on its head..

Just watch....
But I still maintain that we can win this test match. I doubt we can draw it, the game has progressed to quickly for a draw, there will only be an definitve result..

If we restrict them to 450 or less, then our batsmen should have enough time to chase. And as waheed mentioned, the track seem sto get better and better for batting, so no reason why we should crumble again. These collapses happen, but not ALWAYS, the same way MIRCALES dont happen always. Inshallah the second innings will be played much more resonsibly..
If we can restrict their lead to 450 odd.....

we will need a classic Afridi innings

Plus probably two centuries. Who is 'capable' of scoring a century?

Younis Khan
Kamran Akmal
Asim Kamal

We will need two of these to click (most likely to be Butt and Khan saab)

Then we will need three or four the rest (Bazid, Razzaq, Rana, plus the other three from above) to chip in with 50s.

It is a long shot.........highly improbable. But the pitch is not showing any signs of crumbling, the windies have no spinners, their bowling traditionally gets knackered out in the 2nd innings, there is plenty of time and I would hope our batsman would have at least learnt something from the first innings.

As I said, highly improbable. But I just have a gut feeling. Something deep down tells me we are going to win this match.
Keep it simple and not lose wickets.

- Afridi should be sent lower down. 30 - 50 quickfire runs would be good.

- Salman Butt needs to stay at the wicket and score big. Needs to start converting his 20's - 30's into 100's.

- Yasir Hameed...... needs to get rid of his fishing rod. A solid 60 - 80 is required from this man.

- Younis Khan needs to show more responsibilty in his batting, needs to learn from his mistakes - get rid of the pull shot. Needs a big partnership with someone, atleast a 100 required from him.

- Bazid Khan, show us what ur made of. A 50 from him would be useful.

- Asim Kamal, if theres anyone who can save this match then its this man. Show the rest how its done Asim. Needs to get his maiden test century.

- Abdul Razzaq, unlucky in the 1st innings. Was undone by Shep rather than good bowling. Needs atleast a 50.

- Kamran Akmal, a 30 odd would be usefull. Anything more would be a bonus.

Salman > 100
Yasir > 70
Younis > 100
Bazid > 50
Asim > 100
Razzaq > 50
Afridi > 40
Kamran > 30

If they all score well, then were looking at a score of 540 :D
hmmmmmmmm to be honest i dout we will win or draw but if we had inzamam, yousuf and malik in the team then i would have said we stand a chance. Although westindies are in the habit of losing so maybe they will make more mistakes and hopefully we will win!!!!!
I think we are looking at a target round about 450. We should be in to bat by tea time at the latest. That leaves us with half of the test match to get the runs.

There is a lot of reverse swing around and how edwards performs in the second innings would hold the key to how the windies perform. He seemed to pick up a niggle in the first innings. Lets hope he does a shoaib and sits out the send innings.
we need the experience of inzy and yoyo in this situation a quick fire of 30 from afridi wont do everyone will need to contribute big time
I think Afridi should do what he almost did in Bangalore - go in and score those quick runs which sets panic in the WI camp ... hold him back and he wont be that successful.
We cant exactly hold afridi back. I think best thing would be to open with him. Windies will attack early so most fielders would be close in and he might get away with a few miscues. Dont expect anything from him. Anything he does should be a bonus.

Post afridi, all our batsmen should be looking to bat 2 sessions each and if 3 of them can do that then we WILL win the game.
no one in the world can hold afridi back but he should bat with some inteligence
i have said it before on PP
tht Afridi Rana Kaneria and Shabbir
are all capable of getting quick wickets so if they get WI out for under 200 (as their batting minus Lara and Chanderpaul is fragile )
then we can expect our team to chase 400

considering tht Younis, Asim , Afridi are all in gud form
and if supported by Hameed, Butt ,Razzak and Kamran
we do get a formidable bating line up
its good to read the optimistic post here!

but persoanlly i dont feel we will cross even 175-200 mark chasing the Westindies total in the 2nd total
WI still have a weaker bowling line up on paper
and i personally feel tht wht happened yesterday was just a one time phenomenon ( or we choked under the favourite tag)

and i dont expect it to happen again so Pakistan can even now give WI a real scare
We should give Afridi and Kaneria prolonged spells this morning if we're planning to take the new ball as soon as it's available (30ish overs)
I think they got the new ball when the windies second innings started...

And they played 46 overs add 30ish today and you get 80
lol...its gr8 2 c optimism here....but....i wud jus like 2 say dat butt, afridi and hameed r 1 day batsman....they dont have the temperament to last two whole sessions

bazid is new so more than likely will not stand the pressure and that leaves only two recognised batsman of whom a lot was expected in the first innings but neither y.khan or asim delivered.

after them we have the two heroes from mohali....but surely lightning can;t strike twice

and remember 400+ scores have only been chased twice successsfully b4

optimism is gud...but perhaps we need a reality check

altho i hope im proven wrong :)
I think we should bowl Afridi now and then give him the new ball as well ( to bowl bouncers)
i donno why but i feel its a plan that if we can get windies out before the end of today with them having a lead of 500 at best then we will have ample time to just defend and get our eyes in and easily get the runs its a plan i tell ya guys its a plan by woolmer chacha :p
we need to get the WI out for 200 podd runs to keep ourselves in a fighting chance in the game
Afridi needs to bowl to the tail!!! This was a big mistake YK made in the 1st inning. He can wrap them up with his faster one. Remember how he bowled kumble in his 1st over 2nd ball in Banglore when the whole team was unable to get him out!

In batting i am sure afridi will open. I think we need another magical knock like his 141 against India to win this. Afridi should know that he is a senior in the team and needs to perform weather he bats at 1 or 8 position! He gave us the breakthrough by his bowling but now he has to perform in the 2nd inning.
Shez said:
Afridi needs to bowl to the tail!!! This was a big mistake YK made in the 1st inning. He can wrap them up with his faster one. Remember how he bowled kumble in his 1st over 2nd ball in Banglore when the whole team was unable to get him out!
Agreed 100%
MenInGreen said:
I think we should bowl Afridi now and then give him the new ball as well ( to bowl bouncers)
I love it! >:) :D
Hah, Afridi bowls at 80, so does Razzaq, maybe Akmal should stand up to the stumps for Razzler and Back to Afridi :p

Moroever, I can bet there will not be much discussion today seeing how bad Pak is doing. Oh well, we just have to get Chanderpaul early.
we jus have to get one of these two then we can wrap up the tail for within 40-50 runs
there is some swing early in morning

had swing early on first day

had swing early on second day(fidel edwards)

it seems little overcast - and rana is getting a little movement
Manjy claims warmest day in the test match, so looks like rain will not help us here.
Some good away movement fromt he left hand batsmen, but does not look that threatening.
Four runs for Chanderpaul, looks like they are in a positive mode.
I feel coming around is a defensive tatic to stop runs, we are not going to get Chanderpauls wicket this way.
So far from what I know, both the bowlers have bowled a very wide of off stump line...

not good
perhaps dey don't wqant to get the batsman out

it makes sense...if windies bat all today....and it rains 2moro...we only ahve to survive fifth day

like i sed....if u frustrate them they get out...and in the mean time u waste time....
Looks like Pakistan is trying to slow things down and hold the runs back, so it takes Windies time to get runs and then giving pak less time to bat, but still, pak will bat 2 days no matter what which is difficult.
wat r the conditions not watching the match 2day.....
wouldn't it be awesome if Afridi won us this match with a crazy innings.
big appeal.. not given by Shep.. didn't look out on replay, good decision for once.
tosses up, outside off, goes for the drive, misses it, huge shout for catch behind, looks like a faint inside edge through to keeper, karman takes a it after 3rd attempt, appeal declines
50 for Chanderpaul.. another good solid innings by the captain.
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