Pakistan v Sri Lanka | 1st Test | Day 4 | Abu Dhabi | 21/10/11

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Aug 12, 2009
So Sri Lanka trail by 267 runs and Pakistan are in good position.

I reckon Pakistan winning by an innings :)

What about you guys?

We just need to get Sangakarra and M. Jayawardene cheaply and we will be on front seat.
SL to bat out the whole day today somehow.

Likely to give us around 50-100 to chase tomorrow.

Pakistan likely to finish it off by tea tomorrow.

Not going to be easy getting SL out for less than 300 on this pitch second time around.
salaam. I have not slept at all because of an assignment, match will keep me awake now =P feeling totally blasted though o_O come on pak! :pkflag
epic :misbah interview.
starts every sentence with yeah, of course :misbah

I was counting and he said it 5 out of 5 times, lol!
And the match has begun. I predict Cheema making keema out of the SL squad today :murali :cheema

Sri lanka are the ones who shoulod be defensive, but their rr is quite ahead of what pakistan produced. Shows the massive gulf of difference that our batsmen need to cover if we are to become the best side in the world.
Gonna be a long day, we'll have to earn the win here.

Pitch is playing v well :(
Gonna be a long day, we'll have to earn the win here.

Pitch is playing v well :(
Inshallah Junaid will get us a break thru. Cheema luks of colour and GUL rocked but sad he didnt got a wkt.
Its very important not to be defensive right now, just get all the wickets, even if Sri Lankans get a a lead, there is enough time for us to bat once more.
Haha I wonder if Sanga ran into Ajmal intentionally so that he could disrupt the run out? :)) Probably not.
Hafeez needs to bowl from other end as two left armers are batting :hafeez
Pak fielding has taken a serious dip. Adnan fumbling constantly, dropped catches from others!
The scoring will be very tough when the ball is getting old. A mini collapse is on the card. That allways happen to teams facing Pakistan bowlers.
What the heck is Misbah doing?

Bring on Hafeez and dont take him off. Ever.

They have too many lefties waiting to get out to Hafeez.
***! professor pissing us offfff. thats just pathetic stufff. he should be removed from the postition............
First one was a bit low (still should have been taken), but the second was as easy as they get.
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