Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 5th ODI | Abu Dhabi | 27/12/2013 | Sri Lanka innings

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Oct 2, 2004
233 is the target - the pitch is slow and Pakistan have Gul and Ajmal :)
Lanka should win this. Not a big target . two good 60 runs partnership and they are home.
Why did Pakistan Played with Long Tail
Haris sohail should had been Playing ahead of Abdur rehman

Why We are playing with 6 front Line bowler when Our Bating is Weak :( did not understand that Logic at all

Wake up
SL will win probably.. considering not much of Run-rate issues as they had in almost all chases here
Need a good opening partnership from Kusal and Dilly while some consistencies from Sanga and Chandi.
That blinder by Anwar enabled Pakistan to get a decent total, however the pitch is slow, starting to take some turn, with our skilled and economical bowling attack, I think we stand a very good chance to win.
The only way SL win is if they don't lose wickets early, thats what will get Pak into the game. Plus, that looks unlikely with the way they've played Gul and Junaid.
Russell Arnold told us 250+ was a good score here and towards the end of the innings was saying even 233 is good!
gul speed is a worry. Hope it will be better in tests. Dilshan is trying to hit everything.
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