PCB Patron’s XI v England XI (Day 1 thread)


Sad to see Yasir Ali being injured - He was doing well too! 4 overs, 2 runs, 1 Wicket!

I wanted to see more from the two likely 90mph men Yasir Ali and Mohammad Irshad. Disappointed that Irshad went wicketless - did anyone see him bowl? What was he like? What was Yasir Ali's bowling like?

Still, Irshad has the 2nd innings to make amends. I hope Yasir Ali's injury isn't too bad and can recover in time.
RH said:
No worries here. Look what South Africa A did to us.

You seem quite confident about your team's chances, so and so, that you are taking a past loss against SA A team as an xcuse...BTW, if you think SA has a better bowling attack compared to Pakistan, then you really are not sure what you are talking about :p
Monsee - India also got beaten in the first game of the tour ( remember that innings by Nazir in Lahore ) - just hold on to your hats boys....
MenInGreen said:
Monsee - India also got beaten in the first game of the tour ( remember that innings by Nazir in Lahore ) - just hold on to your hats boys....

That was an ODI game...ODIs and 4 dayers are played for 1 and 4 days respectively

Thought I told you so, cause it seems you have forgotten that :21:
And who said they won already???? It was the first day and how do you know our batsmen of which we have none will even make 250???
Patrons x1 should have bowled england out for under 150 when they had they
had them on floor @ 60/6.

I agree with monsee we let england biggest threat with bat trescothic get a ton!
well we would have them out cheaper if it was t for these 14 man teams where even the number 11 batsmen is an allrounder. Im pleased with the effort today and this attack looks better then the main pakistani bowling attack.

It will be intersting to see if england declare overnight and bowl first thing tommorow. I for one am really hoping asim and bazid perform, and hopefully do well against their some what depleted attack.
I think we're forgetting that England had capable batsmen all the way down to 11. Matt Prior and Alex Loudon are no mugs with the bat!

Having said that Misbah bowling Bazid is confusing
Yes, Prior isn't exactly a mug with the bat and I doubt England would have posted a score above 200 had the tail been made up of bowlers. I'm not panicking yet though as there are still 3 more innings before the real stuff starts although failure to score in all 3 by more than 1 or 2 batsman would have me very worried.
I can see matt hoggard rubbing maggots against the ball and getting many a patrons batsmen out fishing!
gents, can we have a separate thread for each days play please, as otherwise the thread becomes too big and slow for some to load up.